Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Sickness

Yesterday, the mother of all head colds hit me like a two-ton hippo with an attitude problem. The sickness started toying with me a little bit on Sunday night so I took some… well I have no idea what the hell it’s called. It was green and round and the box said it relieved cold and sinus pressure and sore throats and yadda yadda yadda.

The box is a lying little bastard.

Yesterday morning, the symptoms were worse. And continued to get worse throughout the day. Mainly because I forgot to take more medicine before I left for work.


It’s a theme this week, this forgetting thing. I almost drove off without my glasses this morning. I thought long and hard (for all ten contemplative seconds) and decided to brave the pouring rain and run back upstairs and grab my glasses.

Because, oh yeah, its raining. Was it raining a week ago when I felt perfectly fine and would have welcomed the rain with great big hugs and smoochy kissy faces? Nooooooo. It waits until I feel icky and achy and snotty. As someone in the office just said, this is stay-home-under-the-warm-covers kind of weather.

Amen sista.

So yesterday, I didn’t feel good at ALL. Besides having a head that felt like it was going to explode at any second, I felt achy all over. Feverish achy, though I don’t think I actually had a fever. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, which is really great when you have a lot of work to do, and need to be doing some schoolwork during breaks and such. After work, instead of going home and getting warm and medicated I went to class. Because I’m a superstar that way.

I hate being in a classroom, surrounded by peers, when snot is constantly leaking out my nose. It would not stop, my leaky nose. So embarrassing. So, so embarrassing. And its not like I could hide at the back of the classroom. Noooooo. We’re in “workshop” mode, which means we all turn our desks around and form a little circle so we can all stare at Lisa The Red Nosed Reindeer stuff Kleenex up her nose before snot drips everywhere.


And then, after class, I had to walk over ten minutes to get to my car (construction project made me park in the BFE lot). This normally wouldn’t be a problem but it was pouring outside and all I had between me and the big bad rain was a dinky little umbrella. And the wind was blowing so hard my umbrella kept flipping up. And I couldn’t breath through my nose so I looked like one of those creepy mouth-breathers. And I was cold. And wet. And miserable.

And oh so whiny.

I took some claritin when I got home. I don’t know if what I have is allergies or just regular cold symptoms but holy crap that shit worked. A hundred times better than the green thing I took Sunday night.

I feel about fifty percent better today. I’m just a little bit achy, and my nose is still producing snot like its on some kind of deadline, but I don’t feel like my head is going to explode in the process. So that’s something.

Yesterday, every time I needed to blow my nose I stepped outside the office/trailer. I really don’t like people (other than family) hearing me blow my nose. It didn’t start raining until after work, so I didn’t mind the exercise.

But today? It’ll be raining non-friggin-stop. And there’s nowhere in this trailer to blow my nose quietly, so I warned the people in my office that they were going to listen to my snot symphony all day. They said they didn’t mind, but Mr. Funnypants Office Guy just had to make a joke or some silly comment whenever I blew my nose.

Oy vey.

So now I’ll be stepping outside, in the rain, to relieve myself. It’s not too bad, actually. I stepped outside in the middle of writing this and its only sprinkling outside. I’m feeling well enough that I actually enjoy the feel of the light sprinkling. So I’ll be doing “my business” outside again.

In fact, I think I have to blow my nose again. Dammit! Why did I have to get sick now for crying out loud???

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Things I Would Have Blogged About Over The Last Couple of Weeks If I'd Had The Time

Doesn't it just bite the Big Fuzzy Woolly One that just when exciting things happen to me, things interesting enough to actually blog about, I have absolutely no time to write them down! Grrrr! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings and midterms and deadlines and cleverly disguised mini freak-outs. Anyways, here's a list of the things I thought, "hey, I should blog this!" but never got around to the follow through.

If I'd had the time, I would have written about...

... how the techno virus I was afflicted with during the last few blog rants was contagious. The HB's car completely shut off while he was zooming down the freeway. Scary stuff. His car is working fine now, but like all good viruses, it boomerang back to the initial victim, causing my "Check Engine" light to wink at me the other day. It hasn't come back on, so I'm assuming the car was just being cranky, but needless to say I'm feeling super paranoid while driving my car.

... how some guy was shot dead right outside my apartment. And I mean RIGHT OUTSIDE. I could have hocked a loogey from my balcony farther than where the guy was shot.

... how much I'm loving my George Eliot english class (even though I spend all weekend trying to speed read through long Victorian novels). The professor is fun (I laugh at least once every class period) and passionate and so wonderful to listen to.

... the four hour meeting with the all important Business Excellence hotshots who grilled me on my department's poor business practices. The meeting wasn't bad. But it was loooooooong. Especially since it was the same long-ass list of questions I've gone over TWICE before! Sheesh.

... the freaky psychic dream I had where I dreamed about being in a college bookstore staring at a bunch of mini globes I had to buy instead of books thinking, "Hmmm, guess I'm gonna have to look up a bunch places for the class" and the VERY next day my professor says, "When you're reading, if you come across a country you haven't heard of, you might want to look it up on a map". Seriously. How freaky is that?

... all the other weird dreams I've been having lately. They've been awesome. Though they escape from memory within just a few hours of waking up so writing about them now would be pointless. I have got to keep a journal by my bed. And I have got to be willing to wake up enough to write them down instead of going back to sleep for another hour or so.

... how I almost got in an All-Girl-SmackDown-A-Thon with an old lady. I'm pretty sure I could have taken the snobby table-snatching beyotch.

... the rough outline of an essay I'm thinking of titling Why Satan Invented Parallel Parking.

... why I <3 Coworker Zack.

... Olympics! Olypmics! Olypics!

... the office move from hell. I work in a trailer now. I go potty in another trailer. A trailer that has its own key. The Potty Key. I like to think of the potty trailer as an Executive Washroom. One that's locked to keep out the riffraff. Beats thinking that I'm peeing in a dinky little trailer that could blow over with the next big Santa Ana gust of wind. In the last couple of weeks there's been four power surges. So getting work done has been spotty at best. Barrels of fun, let me tell ya.

... the Valentine's gift I got from the HB that was half-crappy (a box of fancy chocolates just mere days after I said I didn't particularly like boxes of fancy chocolates) and half-wonderful (a very, very, sweet poem he wrote just for me. *sigh*)

Okay. I think that's about it. For now at least. When I trip down the potty trailer stairs (which I feel might be one of those inevitabilities) I'll have something more interesting to write about.