Friday, July 30, 2004

One more thing...

I really should get back to work. We've got ourselves a temp/intern and she's run out of things to do. And I've run out of things to have her do. Eek! I wonder what's more boring, the boring repetitive eye-gouging-inducing, data perusing and collecting I'm having her do, or the sitting and staring in between the tasks I give her. I've told her she can play games or surf the web while she waits. Its really no big deal since she really has nothing she should be doing instead. But she's not doing it! What's wrong with her? I know she's not against such things. She's played solitaire earlier this week!

Oh well. Must find something for her to do while I'm busing playing solitaire and surfing the web. I'm not really. Don't have the time. Just have barely enough time to type up meaningless blog posts. Yay!

So here goes...

While I should be saving my money in this dire financial time of mine I went out and bought a new cell phone. But I had to. Really I did. The HB needs one while he job hunts, so he can take calls and setting up interviews while running around everywhere handing out resumes and flashing his killer smile at all the receptionist ladies so they put his resume at the top of the stack. I've never been with him on a resume-handing-out run, so I'm not sure about the whole killer smile flashing, but when I picture it I picture the flashing. (And now I'm picturing a different kind of flashing. 'Here's my resume!')


The HB had a cell phone, but canceled the service when the company he no longer works for (see previous post if you're joining the party late) gave him a company phone. (A phone that was so cheap and old the battery wouldn't stay charged for the entire work day, which was way inconvenient.) Needless to say they didn't let him keep the phone when they let him go, so he is now cell phone-less. For the HB this is a major EEK!

To make a long blog post short, I wanted a new cell phone deal, a sort of pay-as-you-go deal, but I still had three months left on my old contract. And to get with the new plan I had to get a new cell phone. So I gave the HB my old phone to use for the next three months (hopefully he won't need it for that long *crosses fingers, toes, etc*) while I start using a new cell phone and plan deal thingy. So it all makes sense. Very logical. Practical. Full of makes-sense-ical.

And it's a great excuse to buy a new phone. It hurt, really hurt, to shell out money for a new phone. Money that could have gone to chipping away at the credit card debt, i.e. the Black Money Hole of Doom. So while I was feeling the pain, I reminded myself that in the long run I'll be saving money. It'll pay for itself in no time. Plus, now I have a KICK ASS PHONE!!! Seriously. It is sweeeeeeeeet. And small and a hundred times lighter than my old clunker. I'm in love with my new phone. Its not a camera phone, which I would have LOVED to have bought. But I nearly passed on the $70 dollar phone. There was no way I could have talked myself into the $250+ phone.

Not that there was much talking into needed. The HB looked at me and said something like, "Come on. You know you want to buy it." That's about all the convincing I needed. I'm so easy sometimes. Especially when its about a cool new phone!

Because my last cell phone had lost its flavor. The umpff that made me spend so much money on it when it was the 'new thing'. But I wasn't feeling it anymore. I mean I was, because it was really heavy compared to some cell phones out there, but I wasn't feeling it. It no longer complimented my aura. So it was time for a change. Because when its time to change you've got to rearrange. Isn't that something The Brady's sang about? Anyways, bottom line is I'm in love with an inanimate object. One that vibrates when someone wants to talk to me. And plays a Cool ring tone. And has games in images and stuff in color. Color! For the love of all things digital and shiny my cell phone has color! And I can access the internet and check my email and do all kinds of super spiffy stuff. And it's a flip phone. A real flip phone! I've wanted one of those ever since I saw Mulder and Scully had flip phones. Sure, my flippy phone looks nothing like their flippy phones looked like, but it doesn't matter. It still makes Pretend to Be Scully Play Time easier. And more fun.

And this short post is no longer short. It's the cell phones fault. It's just soooooooooooooo cool. And... no. I must stop here. And find work for the temp my assistant. (Sounds spiffy, eh?) I don't even have time to spell check this. Oh well... :)

Oh poo! There go my plans for that summer place in the Hamptons!

Do I sound all snobby saying 'oh poo'? I was going to type 'well shit!' but thought I'd step it up a notch in the class department for this post. Well, at least for the title of the post...

There's a bunch of drama going on in my life at the moment.

Drama = Crack
My Life = Skanky Crack Whore

My life just can't get enough of the stuff!

Well, actually, it's really not all that bad. Seriously. No need to worry. I might have exaggerated just a wee bit with the 'skanky' reference. (Sorry to all you crack whores out there. Didn't mean to stereotype.)

Because you see, my boyfriend got laid off from his job on Monday. Which sucks mucho much. Especially because there was nothing he could have done differently to avoid it. Other than not accept their job offer in the first place. But he didn't really realize what a crappy place it was until after he'd been working there for a few months.

The HB was a supervisor at some little warehouse place. He ran most of the departments there, and was getting paid the most (except for the manager of the whole building), and he was way overdue for a raise. So when the owners decided to do MAJOR cutbacks, because they're in serious need of cash RIGHT NOW, they got rid of the second biggest salary. Which in a messed up sort of way kind of makes sense. Doesn't make the owner any lower on the Prick Bastard scale.

The HB was pissed that they let him go while keeping the incompetent supervisor whose departments the HB kept taking under his wing so they started working right. Because sure, she was cheaper for them to keep, but she didn't know what she was doing. Surely the bosses could see that! The HB was also pissed because he was let go not more than a week after the owner's visit to the warehouse, where he talked about his plans for the company, and how he really hoped they included the HB. 'I really see you advancing more and becoming a huge asset blah blah blah.' Not more than a week later they start firing a lot of people. A lot of peons. And then the HB. Instead of looking ahead and investing for the future they cut back to get money in their pockets. Prick Bastards!

But it's all good. It truly is. Because now the HB is going to find a better job that pays him what he's worth and (hopefully) isn't populated with the same type of people he's worked with at the last (two) jobs he's had.

Yesterday the HB went back to the warehouse to return a few items (one being a company credit card I'm sure he was really tempted to use). While he was there he talked to the manager, and the manager gave him a bunch of phone numbers. Phone numbers of companies desperately looking for new supervisors to come run their warehouses. And he promised to tell these companies, if they called for a reference, that the HB practically ran the whole place. Nice former boss!

Also, while the HB was there, his former manager boss told him that the company was firing the rest of the management team (one of which was Incompetent Supervisor Lady). So the manager boss guy is the only management figure left. And he's freaking out because he won't be able to handle the workload. The company is walking a fine line with their customers, and if they fuck up anything the customers will bolt in a nanosecond, so there's no time to look for and hire really cheap labor to try and run things and keep things going as smooth as they were. It sounds like it would just be easier for the owner guy to shoot that warehouse in the head like the sick horse that it is and put it out of its misery.

So while it sucks that the HB has to look for another job, we're looking on the bright side of things. Because the bright side of things are yellow and shiny and happy. The HB wasn't happy where he was working. He'd been thinking a lot lately about finding a new job, but had wanted to stick it out there for a least a two years. This is just the little shove he needed to go out there and look.

I'm a little worried that money will get even tighter than it has been around here for awhile. There's not much room for constriction around here. I'll be paying rent and the bills for at least a month or two, but I know I'll be able to handle it. As well as handle all the debt and money the HB owes that by some freakish act of karma or murphy's fucking law or what-have-you that has suddenly piled up a month before the loss of his job.


But yeah, everything will work out fine. And with out really trying hard the HB has already gone on a job interview. He put out the feelers the day after he was let go, let some contacts he had through work know he was looking, and after only a couple of days he's got some leads. And they're all saying that this is the time to be looking for a job, at least in his field. Hopefully they're not yanking his chain too hard. We'll find out soon enough in a few weeks just how open the job field.

*crosses finger, toes, eyes, butt cheeks, nose hairs, boobs, ...*

Getting my Vitamin C Groove on

I am currently drinking chunky orange juice. It's kind of... uh... interesting. The chunks are frozen bits of orange juice, because the little carton of oj is in the process of thawing/defrosting/becoming not frozen. So the chunks are nothing gross like bugs or super radioactive mold spores or anything. But still... orange juice isn't supposed to have anything more solid than pulp in it. So encountering the ice chunks is a little weird. But hey, its all about the 160% vitamin C intake BAY-BEE! woo!

Friday, July 23, 2004

what can i say, it's just a banana dancing kind of day

Sheesh. I haven't been writing again. Shame on me. I have only myself to blame, and that's, well, that's pretty sad. I have been doodling and jotting down random thoughts in my binder. But that doesn't really count. I also haven't been paying attention to the blog much either. Sorry about that Bloggy.

*gives the blog a hug*

It's just I have nothing interesting to write about. And when I do, I don't have the time. And when I have the time I'm doing something else because I feel road blocked. Like I'm suffering from Creative Constipation or something. It's there, I can feel it, but it just won't come out of me.


But I don't mind too much at the moment. Because I'm in such a happy mood.

Work was hectic yesterday. And in the middle of it all, the HB calls me just to say hello. Just because he hasn't done it in awhile. :) When he got home after work we went out to dinner. And laughed a lot and ate way too much.

We both ordered steaks, different steaks, but both medium well. Mine turned out to be a little on the red side while his turned out to be a little on the well well done side. I made some comment like "wow. This is really pink." But I didn't mind it at all. The HB, being ever so gentlemanly, offered to trade me steaks. Maybe he didn't want the well done steak. Or maybe he was just being nice. I think maybe it was a little bit of both.

I said, "what? You don't want yours?" He pretended to get all huffy and puffy and offended. "I was trying to be chivalrous and offer you my steak since yours is so pink." The HB then digs into his steak. I lowered my fork and knife to the table and said in a very soft and sincere voice, "That was very kind of you to offer to trade your dinner with me. I really appreciate it. Thank you for being so thoughtful." Then I raised my fork and knife and added, "Now shut the fuck up and let me eat." The HB laughed and said, "That's why I love you."

And I forgot all about my hectic day.  :)

And today, well, its Friday. So that adds an automatic point to the Happy Tally. And this morning, as I was leaving for work, it was sort of semi foggy out. Seeing that filled me with a wallop of warm fuzzies. Because it was something different for my senses to take in I guess.

Most mornings it's the same old thing. When I wake up, at 5 in the morning, there's not enough light outside to illuminate my apartment. So I fumble around in the dark to turn on a lamp. And I have to fumble all the way (all two feet in my tiny ass apartment) to the living room because the HB (the bastard) doesn’t have to wake up for another 2 hours, so I'm nice and don't turn on the bedroom light. I don't want to begrudge him the heavenly feeling of sleeping in, surrounded by warmth and cuddly blankets, but damn I hate to see him snuggly and sleepy while I'm struggling to wake up. It sucks.

So I wake up and it's dark inside. Then, after I'm all dressed and brushed and deodorized, I leave the apartment, ready to face another day at work. Lately, as I leave the apartment, its semi light outside. If I left five minutes earlier, it would still be mostly dark outside. If I left five minutes later it would be even brighter outside. I leave in the middle of the sun working its mojo on the previous night's shadows. Which makes the drive to work more interesting than it normally would be.

So I can change the way the morning looks to me as I leave my apartment, by leaving a few minutes earlier (which hardly ever happens) or leaving a few minutes later. But just the difference in light doesn't have the same effect as the fog did this morning. Was it just a break in the monotony that thrilled me? Or was it something else? Seeing the fog is like seeing a blanket covering your surroundings. It wasn't a thick fog. But it was enough to give me a sense of... I don't know what. A sense of separation from my surroundings. A feeling that I was in another world perhaps. Or another dimension. (I'm in the middle of a really good sci-fi book at the moment). Or maybe I just have a kinky fascination with fog.

The fog is gone, but the sky is still overcast. In the middle of july. I love it!

All in all, I have a feeling that it's going to be a kick ass day. Damn skippy!

Monday, July 19, 2004

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Nostalgia:: remember
  2. Irreplaceable:: invaluable
  3. Odd:: even
  4. James Spader:: Secretary
  5. Flamboyant:: out there
  6. Intense:: hard
  7. Simple:: minds
  8. Septic:: tank
  9. Ton:: -Tongue Toffee
  10. Turkey:: nuts

Friday, July 16, 2004

The Importance of Being Loony

we're getting a new plant manager here at work. a new big head cheese honcho. this news has us all in a tizzy.
well, not really. i just really like typing that word. tizzy tizzy tizzy. gives the pinkie finger some exercise. and as my granpappy always used to say to me, "loon, make sure you keep those pinkies in shape. never know when you might need them. egg toss championships, mugger eyeball gouging, underwater basket weaving. BE PREPARED!"
i am granpappy. i am prepared!
tizzy tizzy tizzy
(just exercising my anti-mugger weapon. and playing with the new blogger interface. i can add colors from the tool bar now! knee-toe!)
so anyways... this new manager. turns out she has an interesting name.
a guy came into the office last week and started talking about something - i'm not sure what it was,  i really wasn't paying much attention to him. then he started talking about the new manager. and he says, in a way that really irked me, 'know what her name is?' it irked me because his tone of voice implied that there was something really funny about her name. so i'm thinking it was going to be a very girly name, and that he was finding it funny because we were get a 'female' manager. and a 'girly' one at that.
neither me or my desk neighbor responded to his question, but the guy answers anyway. "Veronica," he says, still with that same tone of voice.
he wanted to tell the rest of it, so i gave him an opening. and i say, "so? what's the big deal?"
and the guy says, "her last name is Spitsack."
oh my.
what an awful name. i'm not sure how she spells it. maybe its something like Spitzak. or something. sounds like 'spit sack' though. and some, if not all of the guys around here find that really funny.
"yeah. her name is Spitsack," they say with a smile. some probably even giggle little boy giggles when there's no girls within hearing distance.
if that was my last name i'd change it. 'sorry dad, i'm legally changing my name.' or 'sorry honey, i know its a proud and honorary family tradition to pass down the Spitsack name, but if we get married i'm keeping my maiden name.'
hmm... i wonder when Spitsack's getting here...
puppy puppy puppy
(got to exercise the other pinkie finger, ya know!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Note To Self:

Think twice, and then a third time for good measure, before refering to the reading glasses of a much older person as "Geezer Goggles".

Mr. Desk Neighbor, who is almost twice my age, didn't find the phrase "Geezer Goggles" quite as giggle-worthy as I did a moment ago.

I'm getting kind of slappy-happy, so non-giggle-worthy things are making me giggle. Which has been happening more frequently here at work over the last couple of weeks. It's like some built in defense mechanism. Because you see...

too much Evil Paper Work
leads to
extended period of Staring At Computer
Computer Monitor = Death Ray Expelling Radiation Machine

example: Radiation Death Rays ---> ---> ---> Poor Innocent Eyeballs

which triggers Slap Happy Giggle Fest
somewhere in the central brain mechanism
which saves me from
Massive Brain Damage and Poor Innocent Eyeball Fatigue

Thank goodness for Giggle Defense Mechanisms. :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

The Confessional (i.e. The Update)

bless me blog readers for i have slacked. it has been almost three weeks since my last blog post.

eek! but for a good reason, of course. 'good' because i deem it so. and since i am ruler of all that is r.a.o.s.t.-ery here... if i deem it, it be it. (catchy, eh?)

the short answer: my job is kicking my ass.

which is a tall order to fill since this ass 'o mine is so huge. i guess that makes it a good ass to have. since there's lots of it to kick. lots of buffer between me and the kickers. yeah, i'll just keep telling myself that. my ass may be huge, but its all right, because its serving a higher purpose.

er. um. yeah, anyways...

this guy at work went out on medical leave for a month or two. so i's been busy doing some of his work. which wasn't too bad. but then some process improvement team came in and said, 'all this data stuff is a mess and we need to clean it up for this big project we're doing through the head office and oh by the way we need it done now now now.' but they said it in a more geek-a-fied way. since i'm the adminitrator for this data stuff i'm stuck with a lot of the clean up. go me!

so things have been REALLY busy at work - which is when, back in the good ol' days (i.e. before three weeks ago), i did a lot of my blog writing. its been not-so-busy at home, but after staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours at work, when i get home i don't even want to look at the computer. which is sad. because i miss my computer. and i miss writing on it. and blog posting. and blog reading. and all that other stuff.

as a personal little new blogyear's resolution (since my blog-o-versary was this last saturday) i'm going to try and start posting regularly again. at least once a day. because i've been slacking in my writing and i want to remedy that. and writing blog posts is a good way to get the Loony Writing Mojo Machine Of Doom up and running again. (catchy, eh?) i'm writing in my head, but its not the same as actually typing out the words, or letting them drip from the tip of a pen or pencil. and when i actually set aside time to sit and do nothing but write its so refreshing. so why don't i do it more often? work is zapping the creative juices from my brain. bastards.

and now that i've taken a really long 'coffee' break, i've got to go back to slaving away for The Man. yippee!