Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jingly Highlights

As Co-Worker Jack so kindly pointed out yesterday (before he *cough cough* called in sick a day after I suggested how awesome it would be if we called in sick *cough cough*) I've been depriving him of much blogging loon-y goodness.

'Tis a shame, as I'm sure all can agree.

So, as I sit here at my desk in the office all alone with no one to talk to and no one to hear me sing along with the Let's Only Play Christmas Songs radio station (which I'm so totally in the mood for now) or the I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas web site (which is best sung along with at the top of ones lungs) with a pile of work to do that I'd rather not be doing, I'm gonna type up a little Past Few Weeks Recap.

Hmmm... New Year's Resolution #1 just might be 'stop it with the annoyingly long sentences already!'

Anywhoo... on with the recap!

Went home for thanksgiving. (Sheesh, its been that long since I last posted!) Had much to be thankful for and all that blah blah blah warm mushiness.

Shopping at a mall on Black Thursday (day after turkey day) is fun when you're with family and friends, as long as one of those family members isn't your impatient grandmother who doesn't understand why the lines are so long and who flags down poor frazzled Denny's hostesses and demands coffee even though the friendly frazzled hostess said our friendly frazzled waiter would be there in just a moment with the damn drinks! (That scenario happened the year before, this year was grandma-free!)

Came back and finished the final projects for my two writing workshop classes. Got an A in the one class, have no idea yet what grade I'm getting in the other class. I'm pretty sure I'll get a passing grade, and sadly that's just fine and dandy with me right now.

Still haven't signed up for classes for Winter Quarter. Which... uh... start in less than two weeks. D'oh!

Some same-old-same-old's:
a) work continues to be busy and a major pain in my ass, which wouldn't be much of a problem if I wasn't getting less and less motivated to get it done
b) still addicted to a video game
c) still as broke as a spoke

Drove back up to my parent's house this last weekend for an All Girlfriend Xmas Bash. I <3 hanging out with my old high school girlfriends.

I also love "light bulb kisses".

Teaching a friend's kid a harmless yet potentially annoying bad habit is wrong. But fun.

Also fun? Emailing girlfriends at work about giving laundry elves as Christmas presents instead of doing work.

Well, that pretty much brings me up to today I guess, though I'm sure I'm forgetting something I should have mentioned. Hmmm....

Things to look forward to over the next few days:

Going to the mall with the HB tonight to finish up the Christmas shopping.

Starting a new book I've been dying to read (especially after hearing the HB ooh! and a-hah! like crazy while reading it these past few days),

Getting motivated to do some much needed laundry some time before Saturday.

Driving back up to my parent's house.
[ sarcasm ] Yay for holiday traffic! [ / sarcasm ]

Hanging with the girlfriends and the family again.

Mmmmm.... Is it Friday yet?


  1. what book and what video game?

  2. book: Jim Butcher's latest one, Cursor's Fury. I'm tempted to print out the first few chapters from his site and find a small hidey hole somewhere with enough reading light.

    video game: final fantasy xi -I've never been so addicted to a game before! The last one I was semi-obsessed with was Spyro, so its been awhile. Seems I have these pent up gaming needs I still need to exercise. :)