Wednesday, October 31, 2007

P is for...

No, Jack, P is not for poop. Not that you even read this blog any more (when I bother to post) what with your busy new job and your new friends and that new stick up your butt.

That's right, I went there.

You don't talk to me any more. What's up with that? You barely respond to my emails. If I page you over the loudspeaker, would you even bother to return my calls?

Why don't you love me anymore???????????????


Gosh, its tiring being all emo and shit. And I'm sure I'm not even doing it %100 percent right.

I fail. At everything.

See, this is the anxiety talking. I'm anxious about a story due tomorrow for my creative writing class. I kinda like the idea that's in my head. I'm excited to explore and play with it. The problem? I can't fucking get anything written! Every time I start to write, the sentences that come out consist of boring drivel. The brain to paper translator button is on the fritz.

Frustrating, that is.

I'm also anxious about my high school reunion that's... holy shit... two weekends from now. I even dreamed about it last night. Me and the HB were wandering around, doing stuff, and I was wearing my new dress. And it looked really good on me. And I was pleased. Which is so not how I'll be feeling during the actual reunion. With all those people looking and judging and thinking... such a shame, she had a little potential.



I was going to post the ant story alluded to a couple of posts ago. I actually wrote most of it while composing that post, but edited it out for later. It's later now, but I don't have time to finish it. To polish it and make it shiny. Because I have actual writing homework to get to.

Which is why I'm writing this instead.

Logic, they name is Lisa.

I don't know if that makes sense. But I'm leaving it there anyway. The Art of Stream of Conscienceness or Some Shit Like That.

Ack... I'm done. I need to write. My story demands it to be written. Maybe now my brain will work. Even if its crap, its crap that needs to be written.

Crap, here I come!

Oh... I guess maybe P is for Poop after all.

Damn you Jack! You win again!

But first, before I sign off, let me share the following email exchange I partook in this morning. If I didn't have to deal with this moronic stuff I'd have more time to goof off and do homework. Grrrrrrr.

From: Nob
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 6:55 AM
To: Lisa

Good Morning ! Hey Lisa do you know if the parts I requested from
NEQUAK ever got ordered or came in? # 09F5329

From: Lisa
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 7:21 AM
To: Nob

That part number has been discontinued. The vendor recommended a different number, 22K8388. Will this do? If so, what quantity is needed?

From: Nob
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 8:34 AM
To: Lisa

The same.

Okay, what kind of a friggin answer is that? It doesn't answer either one of the questions I asked! The first was a yes/no question. The second required a numerical answer. The same doesn't fit either of those categories!

Friggin moron.


  1. so i am guessing you are not doing NaNo?

  2. ;-{ you wanna come back and work in the warehouse for a day?!!! I DARE YOU! and then you'll see WHY I relaxed and learned to love the Bomb. Seriously, I still love you and I always will, Goddess! Stick a stick in Mr. Desk Neighbor's gut (cause he's already got one up the butt!)(Nothin spells lovin like his own little oven!!!!!). It'll make him giggle! GIGGLE I TELL YOU!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Seriously, you really SHOULD take up smoking. I'm giving cigarettes out this Halloween, hoping to hook not only teen-agers, but small princesses too. Plus, of course, the ciggie comes with a small 8oz plastic bottle of fluoridated water. Which is worse, you make the decision! Wherever do I get this supply of water! ONLY THE FAIRY OF TOOTH KNOWS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Happy Halloween, whore!

    <3 jack

  3. jodi: i'm going to try to NaNo, and see how far i get before my head explodes. i'll be doing most of my writing in my notebook and doubt i'll have time to type anything up. but writing a bunch of nonsense while giving the internal editor the finger? definitey :)

    jack: you crack me up! but what the hell is this 'bomb' you speak of? and congrats to you on giving out all your ciggies so you break you addiction to the stick. when you buy your next nicotine patch, see if you can find one to stop THE USE OF ALL CAPS. seriously. your head might EXPLODE with all that pent up CAPPINESS. its starting to spill out.