Friday, February 02, 2007

How I've Spent My Friday (So Far)

1. Woke up early (before the alarm! oh the injustice!) so I finished watching the tivo'd episode of Veronica Mars that was so lame it took awhile to watch because I had to watch it in 15 minute chunks of time so that the lameness didn't totally kill me. I used to <3 that show so much, but after the episodes so far this season, and seeing the clips for next week... I just don't think I know who you are any more Veronica. What happened? I thought we were going to be BFF's!!! I'm sorry to say this Veronica, but I think you need to go to Suckiness Therepy. Check yourself into an open 24 hour Suckiness Clinic. Let a doctor check that out for you. Please. Come back to me V!

2. Came to work. And then the inevitable happened. I did some work. I know, I know, but I couldn't help it. I tried to avoid it but I'm going to be in a week long 8hr-a-day training marathon next week so I didn't want my desk to get too messy with reminder notes.

3. Started a game of tag with some girlfriends via email. It didn't last very long, but soon the conversation turned to dodgeball. Which inspired the following brilliant piece of pixel artwork.

And yes, the caption/title needs some work. Something snappier.

4. Decided to eat some leftover pork ribs from a vendor sponsored lunch-apalooza two days ago. Only problem is there's no microwave back here. So I set it on the back end of my monitor. Have you ever felt the back of your computer monitor before? Bitch gets hot back there. But, apparently, not hot enough to heat cold leftovers. After a half hour of warming I moved it to the coffee pot burners. Tried that for about 2 minutes before I got bored - and hungry - and decided to eat it lukewarm. A temperature which lasted for maybe 3 minutes before it turned cold again. Sigh. My ghetto cooking skillz are not up to parr it seems.

5. Played on the internet. And read this post which gave me a huge case of the warm-n-fuzzies. Everyone could use a case or two of those right? Right. So go over to Fauve's site (which is called "... so I stabbed him in the head with a fork", one of the greatest blog title's I've ever seen and the main reason I ventured over there in the first place), read this post, then read her entire catalog of archives (not that many months worth, don't worry), and then read this post again. Instant warm fuzzies! Seriously.

6. [ Insert the rest of the evening here --- which will more than likely include playing video games with The HB and/or going out to dinner at Claim Jumpers. For which I have a $50 dollar gift certificate. Yeehaw! ]


  1. oh man, remember stick figure plum fan fiction? bloody BRILLIANT!

  2. [smile] @ warm and fuzzies.

    glad you liked it.