Friday, February 09, 2007

*munch munch* mmmmm... dandelions... *munch munch*

Today is Day 5 of the Week Long Training Marathon From Hell.

Actually, it hasn't been that bad. Coworker Jack is an awesome teacher.

*blows the teacher an air kiss across the room and tries to earn brownie points*

He'd be just a bit better though if he learned how to keep his unruly students (i.e. everyone but me, of course) in line and keep them on topic so they stop whining about all of our problems that exist, that have existed for YEARS and will CONTINUE to exist even in this new work environment we're learning.

It's probably unavoidable, the whining, what with the never ending frustration with the way things run and the daunting task of having to learn new habits and work flows and a new computer system.

But still, I'm at the point where if one of these guys whines about so-and-so doing/not doing such-and-such and why doesn't Management do this or that I'm hitting them with my 500+ page training manual until they cry. Anything to keep us on topic so we're not here until 7 tonight.

I mean seriously, if they want to whine they should do it on their own time. They can get a blog and whine to someone who cares. :)

Mr Imaginary Blog Reader, you do care right? *sniffle*

The training was supposed to be 8 hours long, for a week straight. That was going to be bad enough, but when Monday showed up, and we (the three of us in my department) were busy learning how to do our new jobs instead of waiting on the edge of the diving board ready to dive through a series of flaming hoops, The Boss decided we should stay here for 12 hours and cram in a couple of hours to keep up with our normal work load.

If I'd known ahead of time, that would have been one thing - I'd been planning to come in an hour early and catch up a bit anyways - but to spring that on us at the last moment kind of sucks.

"By the way, instead of being here from 7:30am to 4:00pm you'll be coming in at 5:30am and leaving at 5:30pm. Starting today. Have a nice Monday!"

I'm used to long days anyways for school, but at least then the day is broken up between work and school. Being here at work, for 12 hours straight, (most of which is spent in a small room, full of heat generating computers, that the boss's boss didn't feel needed to be air conditioned!) is a drag. But after today its over!

And at least we'll be able to put our training to use right away while its all fresh in our heads and... oh wait, that's right, we won't even be using the new system until May.


I could go on and on about this, and I might later. I haven't had time to post any of my whinings because I've been busy trying to pay attention. (And when I don't post here I vent to the HB, poor guy, and get it all out of my system). But my mind has finally snapped. It broke the gate and is out wandering in the pasture, eating dandelions. So I might be posting more today. We'll see. Depends on if I run out of dandelions to munch on.

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