Friday, April 13, 2007

In before quittin' time.

You know what, eating lunch at 9 in the morning really throws my day out of whack. A coworker went on a food run for the rest of us in the office this morning. Some people opted to eat breakfast. I opted to go the sandwich route.

And by 1pm this afternoon it felt like my day should have been long over. My brain kept thinking, "but we ate lunch hours ago! We should be heading home on the freeway by now! Why are we still here?"

My brain's kind of whiny like that sometimes.

I've decided to end this posting marathon (because yes, for me, four posts in one day means I've been marathoning it up like a post-marathoning-mutha-effer) with a post of:

Favorite Office Sayings Of The Day

"Don't get all butt-hurt"

(Question Time: Is the phrase hyphenated? Or is it 'butthurt'? Or maybe just two words like I'd originally typed before anal-y (heh) analyzing it? Hmmmm...)

Coworker #1: "Look, I found a power cord!"
Coworker #2: "Hey, more power to ya!"



(Inside office joke that will never get old!)

And my ultimate favorite and one I want to work into conversation at the first available opportunity:

"Don't trip, Biscuit, it's alright."


  1. ROFLMAOPMP ---> ""Don't trip, Biscuit, it's alright.""

  2. Yeah, I get that:

    I am "butt" hungry.

    That line is "butt" long

    It is "butt" cold . . .

    I'll use it!