Monday, January 05, 2009

I spent my load writing this post so I have nothing left for the title

Today is the day I've been dreading since I hit the ADD button next to the second to last creative writing course I'll be taking at UCR. I'm not dreading the class itself. No, the feeling that class evokes is more like an intoxicatingly wonderful anxiousness. What I'm dreading is the fact that this class is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. That's PM. As in holy crap Monday's going to be a painfully long day.

Monday's Schedule (for the next 9 or 10 weeks or however long the damn quarter lasts)

5:00 AM - wake up

This isn't too bad. I was waking up this early last quarter. Even earlier on Thursday which was that quarter's super long day. I almost wish though that I'd kept myself conditioned over the holiday break to waking up this early. Set the alarm at 5 then sleep in until I need to get up. Although... I bet that would have conditioned me into the wonderfulness of sleeping in on a chilly winter morning. I had to force myself to jump out of bed as soon as I heard the alarm this morning. The FIVE MINUTE SNOOZE BUTTON OF DOOM will not be tolerated this quarter.

5:30 AM - leave the apt

Hopefully I've managed to brush the appropriate areas and clean other areas and dress with nothing that clashes too badly. On Monday's I'll probably go casual and wear jeans to work because fuck it! I'm going to be comfortable on this long ass day. So clashing shouldn't be a problem.

Hopefully I've also managed to move fast enough thru the haze of the early morning to make lunch. There won't be much time to stop for food either to or fro school/work. The HB and I are also trying really hard this year to save money for a house so if I don't make sandwiches before I leave I'll be snacking on whatever I can find in my desk drawers.

NOTE TO SELF: stock up on snacks!!!!!

6:00 AM - clock in at work

Turn on the computer. Tell the cleaning lady she doesn't need to clean the two inches of visible desk space - for the umpteenth time. Mourn the absence Mr. Desk Neighbor as he has been relocated to a corner of the prestigious upstairs front office space. Debate whether I should have a cup of coffee or not.

6:15 AM - get coffee

There's nothing else to do while I wait for the computer to boot up from the weekend shutdown. It's either Get Coffee or Clean My Desk, and the latter is rarely a winning option.

11:00 AM - clock out and leave for the first class of the day - Spanish 2

Mi clase de espanol es desde las doce y diez hasta la uno un punto de la tarde.

Translation = My Spanish class is from 12:10 to 1:00 pm

(God I hope I got that right. It was only on a couple of tests last quarter!)

1:30 PM - clock back into work

1:30 is the goal, though depending on traffic and how far deep into BFE I had to park this very by 5-10 minutes.

4:30 PM - clock out for the day and leave for the second class of the day - Workshop


As if Monday's weren't already a barrel of SUCK.

Now I have to drive back to school in the same day. This is going to kill me. I really think it is. I'm going to keep reminding myself though that its only once a week. For only 9 or 10 weeks. And there will be two holidays coming up! So I'll only have to do this 7 or 8 times. Only only only.


It's now rush hour traffic, and I have an hour and a half to drive what normally takes a half hour, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it on time. They're no longer doing construction like they were a couple years ago when I had a night class, so I'm hoping its not too bad. But its still rush hour time. :(

Class is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Since there will be so few classes she might keep us the whole time. And since there are so few classes there will be lots of writing due very shortly. Eeek. So that's why this is post is so long. I'm trying to get used to writing crap again. :)

I really need to start journaling every day - even if its boring like this. This is a like a New Year's Resolution of sorts, only I don't like doing those because I feel bad when they're not kept. So I'm disguising it as something that I Really Need/Want/Should/WILL Do.

Up next? A post about nipples! The fun is just starting folks.

10:00 PM - arrive home


On the bright side, I don't have class on Tuesday's this quarter, so Tuesday's will be a little bit of a reprieve. That means I can sleep in until 6 in the morning tomorrow!


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