Monday, January 05, 2009

In case you thought I was joking...

In case you thought I was joking...

...I'm not. This post will indeed be about nipples. Well, some of it anyway.

One of my nipples is currently at NipCon 2 while the other is chillin' at NipCon 5. The lopsidedness is really bothering me. At least it is whenever I got to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror. Its freakish looking! I can't decide if its worse than a lazy nipple pointing in an entirely different direction than the other. It's like I lost one in a tragic accident or something.

Quick! Get me a prosthetic nipple! Stat!

You know, I've thought of how I may feel if my family ever stumbles upon this blog. I haven't written anything bad about anyone, so no worries there. At least I'm pretty sure I haven't... But I have written stuff like the above. If they find it, and read it, fine, but I just had a thought... what if my dad reads that? That'd just be... oh I don't know. Weird is the best word I can think of at the moment.

So Dad, I'm sorry if you read that. That was probably really weird, right? Yeah. Okay. Let's forget that ever happened? Right on!

I just got skype the other day and added a couple of video game friends to it. I added the HB too, who talks on it in the other room while he plays so we don't get weird feedback. Yesterday it was just the two of us left on the call for about five minutes and I felt like such a dork as I asked him something instead of yelling into the next room. :)

Over the holiday break while I visited my parents I found out my dad had downloaded skype to talk to his sister who lives on the other side of the planet. This will be perfect for them! I emailed my dad my contact info and asked for his so I could add him. When he got home yesterday he sent me an 'invite' and then tried to call me. I was on a call already, so I ended up just chatting with him so I could explain why I'd hung up on him. :)

We type chatted a little then he left to go eat dinner. It felt surreal for a few minutes after he logged out. Not in a bad way, just in a Keanu Reeves "woah" kind of way.

Chatting online was something I did a lot of years ago when my family first got internet at home. Back when my brother and I were only allowed on for an hour a day, and it took almost an hour to load the x-files message board I liked to visit. Chatting online was something I did, and my brother did. But not my parents. I mean, they've just recently discovered chain letter email spam for crying out loud. And now they've figured out how to chat online!

It feels like a boundary has been crossed. It's a boundary I don't mind being crossed though. I like that I can chat with them, and I like that I can call them with this new fangled technology called the interwebs. It just seemed like for the longest time that the internet was something I played in and it was too mysterious for them to get into.

Well, they're into it. And it might not be long before they find this.

And on that semi-unsettling note (I kid! I kid! No, really, I kid! ...Maybe) I'm going to stop contemplating stuff and get back to work.

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