Friday, August 13, 2004

That? That's my brain leaking all over the floor from Information Overload. Cool, eh?

well, i survived the week. go me! next week will be the real bitch of a week though. we've got people coming in to help set up this Process Thing, and a big meeting on monday to go over a Key Process Thingy, yet two main people in the middle of this process are not going to be here. so they won't have any input, they won't know what's going on, and... and...

*slams forehead on desk*

its been a really long, crazy day. but at least it went by really fast, mainly because i was running around busy busy busy all day. next thing i know... WHAMMO! it's two o'clock. and i'm thinking to myself, awesome. then thirty minutes later (i swear it felt as if at least a half hour had past) i look at the clock and... WHAMMO! its 2:05. and i'm thinking to myself, $&#*$%^$@#.

and... uh... yeah. now its 2:54 ... and 30 seconds... 23 seconds... and its time to go home!!!!!!! weeeeeeeee!!!!!!! (at least it will be by the time i clock out. hehehe.)

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