Friday, December 09, 2005

a brief pit stop in my whirlwind world wide tour

okay, let's see how much i can write before my meeting starts. there's lots to write about, to catch up on, mainly because i've been so busy and there's so much to whine and worry about! i've got a meeting in... well, right now. but there's only one person in the conference room. niiiiice. i am now a "business excellence super user". for now, let me just say that that means i have to be in at work on fridays by six friggin am. with a meeting at 6:30. fuuuuuuuun. but at least that means i get to leave earlier, which totally rocks. today though, i'm not really here. i took a vacation day to attend a Transfer Student Orientation Thingy, and, out of the kindness of my heart i decided to show up for the Excellent Super User meeting this morning. (i also showed because i have only the slightest of ideas what's going on and don't want to fall even further out of the loop.) so here i am, its 6:34am, and only two people... scratch that... four people are here. so that means we're missing three other people. plus the ring leader. the king cheese. i'm only here for a half hour before i have to leave for Orientation so i'm really glad my time is being used wisely. oy. ooops. the cheese is here. time to go look like i know what the hell everyone is talking about.


  1. A Haiku:

    where for art though, loon?
    crazy, busy she must be
    loon, please come back soon.

    look at that... i also made it rhyme! hehe. well, i hope you come back to the internets soon!

  2. uh... ok, i can't seem to spell. it should be "thou", not 'though'. :)

  3. awh shucks judy. thanks for the beauuuuuutiful haiku. even if it was correct-spelling-ly challenged. :D