Friday, January 06, 2006

Back, by popular demand... *waves to Judy*

I'm baaaaaaack. Well, for now, at least. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things (i.e. blogging).

Sheesh. I havent' written anything in a looooong time. I've been writing in my head, writing a lot in my head actually, I just haven't had the time or the energy to put it down on paper/compu-screen. It's been Crazy Busy around here (here meaning work, The Office Of Despair - aka TOOD. Heh.) Plus, I've been a bit ADD-ish lately. Hopefully I've got that out of my system because you know what? I've got a fresh batch of homework to look forward to and I need all the attention-focus-hocus-pocus I can muster.

Oh yeah, that's right. It's school time again. And this time? I'm at a new school. A big scary big time school. And I'm a little anxious. Nervous even. With a tummy that's home to the Spaztastic Butterfly Brigade. Because I don't quite know what to expect (I know it will be fun and exciting and challenging, but still... what if my teachers are evil?) And I don't know how heavy my homework load will be. I'm working full time and am taking a full load of classes and I just hope I managed enough time in between work and classes and more work and more classes and I really don't need more than a couple hours of sleep a night to function properly and... AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!

Tension breaker. Had to be done. (Hackers anyone? Anyone?)

Today's the first day of class. On a Friday. How lame is that? I've got the day off, only came in to work for a Super User meeting. I've got two classes today. One at 11am and the other at 6pm. So I'll have a little over five hours on campus to run all the errands I need to run. (Pick up ID card... cry over the insanely high cost of text books... ) And just in case I have some free time on my hands (I might pass out from all the walking, or I might have a few minutes to spare here and there) I've brought the book that I'm in the middle of reading that I really need to finish before school really gets underway. I'm LOVING the book, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Okay. Enough stalling. Time to go wander around a new campus looking like a lost, confused puppy. :)


  1. i've missed you!

    i'm trying to clean house cuz the cable man is coming out to fix my high speed lack of internet access. but i don't want to. don't make me!


  2. hi! i've missed you too!

    Quick Q: do you have to clean you house for the cable man?

    Slobbish A: not unless you have stuff piled up against the doorway. or bear traps anywhere near the cables.

    there, icky cleaning problem solved! :)

  3. whoa! my name is in the title! how did i miss that one??

    oh yeah... i was crazy busy with work all day long and haven't had much time this week either. sucks.

    so glad to see you back! i've missed the loon. :D