Friday, November 18, 2005

Winged Butt Monkey Syndrome

I haven't spent much time working on my nano-novel this month. Just bits and pieces here and there. Nothing that could even be considered novel-like. Just random bits of thought up-chuck. Sigh. But I'm still determined to finish.

Oh yeah. You read that right. I still think I can finish.

Here's the math: I've only got about 3,000 typed words. And about (optimistically) 1,000 written words. That means I have about 46,000 words left to write in 13 days. 13 DAYS!!!! That means I have to write an average of... *whips out handy dandy computer calculator* ... 3,500 each day in order to reach the 50,000 word count goal by 11:59:00 PM on Nov 30.




Indeed! In a completely masochistic way, that is. I'm looking at it this way: it will be a test, a mission, in Writing Without Thinking. (Something I believe I can be quite good at, actually. *teehee*.) It will be practice in getting words down on paper when the words just aren't ready to come out (writing constipation). It'll be a game of translating thoughts into words without worrying that the words suck.

Because it all sucks. It will be 50,000 words of complete suck but it won't matter. I wanted it to matter this year, and had hopes of actually writing something that looked like a first draft novel, but that just isn't possible this year. Sigh. So my goal this year, with less than half the month left, is to just get ideas down on paper. I will steal minutes when ever I can and just write write write.

Actually, I probably shouldn't include this weekend in my Average Word Count Calculations because I'll be busy researching (5 source minimum) and writing my 5 page research paper (along with doing the other homework assignments.) It'll take awhile so I should probably start working on it tonight. After I watch the new Harry Potter movie of course. Priorities, priorities, priorities!

As I tried to go to sleep last night I thought about the scene I was writing yesterday. I pictured it in my head like I was watching a movie and tried to figure out what should happen next. And poof, it was happening! The movie was rolling. I knew who my character should talk to next and what she'd learn. And I thought, 'oh yeah, that's pretty cool.' I was going to get up and write it down, but I wasn't sleepy. I figured I'd be able to remember it this morning. Stupid stupid stupid. For the life of me I can't remember what I was thinking of last night. Maybe it'll come to me later and I'll type up my 4,000 words after lunch in a matter of mere minutes and I'll be so on par with my Super Word Count Goal that I'll almost faint with sheer adoration of my awesome self.

Shah! And monkey's might fly out of my butt!


  1. you can do it! i, however, have kind of given up. i still only have about 700 words. i just haven't had any time to work on it. i doubt it is going to happen before the 30th. oh well.