Friday, March 03, 2006

Because Fish Have Problems Too

My fellow Business Improvement Super Users and I hadn't had our End-Of-The-World-As-We-Know-It meeting (fridays at 6:30 am - wheee!) in a couple of weeks. Which was nice, but it sort of lulled me into belief that everything was peachy warm and fuzzy. But our Super User Leader is back from a conference so the meetings are back on. And they're on with a vengeance.

Reality sure has a nasty slap in its repertoire.

Worst part of the meeting though was worrying about Imminent Snot Drippage. I'm over the worst part of my cold - the immense sinus pressure is gone (I can breathe out my nose again! yay!) and I'm only blowing my nose about half the time now - but there's still snot. And sometimes it creeps up on me when I least expect it.

I went into the meeting without a Kleenex - silly mistake, I know, I'm just full of them this week - but I'd just blown my nose and I felt like I could go awhile before the next evacuation. About fifteen minutes into the meeting I felt a little snot droplet slowly make its way down the inside of my nose until it was resting just at the mouth of the cave.

I thought about getting up in the middle of the meeting and running to the other end of the trailer to my Kleenex box, but I didn't want to be rude and interrupt. Plus, the Leader was talking about stuff I really needed to know so it was at a very inconvenient time. That, and I didn't want everyone watching me squeeze my fat ass between the chairs and the wall as I made my way to the door. Due to construction we're now having these meetings in the other half of this trailer I work in, and the conference room is just wide enough for a conference table, chairs, and a non-fat girl's ass.

So while I was paying attention to all the important info I was also praying to the Gods of Embarrassing Situations that the little snot droplet didn't drop on my shirt.

Gawd! My life is so exciting the only thing interesting I have to write about is snot!

Best part of the meeting though was the guy sitting next to me who kept cracking jokes. At one point, someone was talking about a guy who used to work at a "battered fish company" (a production plant where they put frozen battered fish into bags and the bags into boxes and the boxes onto trucks to be delivered to the frozen food aisle at your local grocery) and the guy next to me said, "Is that like a battered woman's shelter?" Trust me, it had everyone chuckling.

In fact, there's been lots of chuckling so far today. Everyone's in a good mood. Everyone's making fun of everyone else. It's all good all around. And thankfully, with the sinus headache gone, it no longer hurts to laugh.

Time to go now and attend a training session. New system. New training. New problems to deal with. Wheee!

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