Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey Brain, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Why do fast food drive-thru window operators tell you to pull up to the "first" window when they only have one friggin window?

Is it habit from their old fast food gig? Or do they just not know where they work? Because they are the first window. They are the only window. Do they think that there's a series of windows after them?

I ask, because I care. I think the grease is getting to them.

And also, I hate it when they get my hopes up like that.

"First window?! You mean I get to talk to more than one of you fine McWorkers? Oh joy!"

But alas, after that first window there are no more windows. No more chances to see another surly face of someone who's been on their feet for 6 hours straight that I can say hi to, you're doing a great job, thanks for the wonderful food. I don't actually say all that out loud. I say it with a smile, with is just as precious to them, I'm sure.

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