Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bleach Power!

My BBBF emailed me the other day and asked: "How's it going?"

I responded:
...frazzled. i just started the next quarter and i swear that last week was THE shortest spring break i've EVER had. all of a sudden it was friday and i was all, "where the hell did my week go????"

but its all good. my balls are still in the air. as in juggling. of regular balls, not boy balls. not that i'd know what 'boy balls in the air' would mean metaphorically to a girl. its just...

frazzled i tell ya. frazzled.

I'm afraid that's as much sense as I'll be making for the next couple of months.

I've been awake since 3:45 this morning. On purpose. Have I mentioned that I love my new work/school schedule? No? Well, that's probably because I haven't had time (or the brain cells) to do so. Which is why I'm writing this now, while I have a few free moments. Because as I learned in class yesterday, in my creative writing class, the only question you need to ask yourself is "Did I work today?". As in, did I write today. And this is writing, so today my answer is yes. Even though it's boring and sort of blahish. It's still writing. So I'm counting it dammit!

Where was I?... Oh yeah. Nowhere.

It was easy to wake up this morning because I was so anxious about waking up on time that I was awake at 3. Well, the ringing telephone woke me up, but I stayed awake because of the anxiousness. I've been awake for three hours now and I'm already feeling slaphappy. Not a good sign.

Yesterday I was full of the giggles. Today seems to be shaping up to be the same. Just a bit ago, Mr. Funny Desk Neighbor (who's as white as a marshmellow) walked into the trailer, paused three feet in from the door and said:

Him: Can I get a "what up" in here?

Me: Gee, I don't think anyone could have sounded whiter.

Him: Heh. Bleach power!

Me: *snort giggle*

He's very proud of that saying. I think he's going to try and trademark it or something. Sigh. There's just no working with him when he thinks he's the funniest thing since sliced bread.

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