Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode VII: Return of the Chatbot

Jabberwacky: When is your birthday?

Ms. Loon: Next year. When's yours?

Jabberwacky: What year were you born in?

Ms. Loon: Uh... What's with all the personal questions buddy? Stalker tryouts were yesterday.

Jabberwacky: Do my questions make you uncomfortable?

Ms. Loon: Like a rhinestone g-string.

Jabberwacky: Eat the rich - the poor are tough and stringy.

Ms. Loon: Save a tree - eat a beaver.

Jabberwacky: Why should I eat a stick?

Ms. Loon: Because you are my slave and are compelled to do my bidding.

Jabberwacky: I like that.

Ms. Loon: Of course you do! They all do.

Jabberwacky: No, I mean that I don't have friends like you.

Ms. Loon: No one does, honey. No one does.

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