Thursday, August 17, 2006

Musically Inspired Randomness

I can't believe it's Thursday already. It feels like the week just started, like it's only Tuesday, like Hump Day is just around the corner. But that corner is already gone. And it took the Hump with it.

Damn you Mr. Corner! Bring back my Hump!

My hump my hump my hump. My lovely lady lumps. Check it out!

I used to think that was the stupidest song ever and would instantly turn to another station whenever it came on.

But now? I relish its arrival to my airwaves. Relish I tell you! It's just so damn fun to sing along to.

You know what song I don't relish hearing? Well, at least when I'm in the car (which is when I listen to most music) ... SexyBack. Because I can't help but dance when I hear it! Which is not good when you're speeding down the freeway. No, that's baaaaad.

So if you're ever driving in SoCal, and see some weirdo driving down the freeway, waiving her hands in the air, waiving 'em like she just don't care, don't worry, the song will be over soon.

Yesterday was a good commute-with-the-radio-on day. Last few days have sucked, radio wise, so I've been listening to my Peter, Paul, and Mary tape. (Yes, that's right, tape, because I still live in the stone age, woe is me). But yesterday I heard the above two mentioned songs, plus NIN's Only You (which I <3 long time!) and Korn's Twisted Transister (which I can not get enough of!).

I felt all warm and gooey on the inside after some car karaoke with those songs. :)

You know, I really need to get around to getting an MP3 player so I can buy random songs and cart them around with me everywhere I go without having to rely on the radio.

Bah! Just what I need, another thing on my To Do list.

Maybe I'll just start sleeping with my car's cassette player under my pillow at night so the MP3 Fairy will come visit me.

Yeah, now there's an idea!

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  1. the other day, i was coming home from canada, and i was rilly rilly tired so i sang at the top of my lungs the entire way home. if you ever see a crazy girl driving around the greater seattle area, singing at the top of her lungs, you should worry because she'll just keep doing it when the next song comes on.