Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November's To Do's

1. Figure out my class schedule for next quarter early for once.

* It's not the greatest schedule, but its been figured out as best I could.

2. Sign up for classes during my special Super Senior Priority Enrollment Period!

(which is like, holy crap, this afternoon!)

* I actually took advantage of the early enrollment and got into a class that everyone complains about not getting into every quarter because the college is silly and only offers one class when there are enough people who want, or, better yet NEED to take it to fill three classes. So, uh, yea... Go me!

3. Coordinate much needed eye doctor appointment and spanish placement test to take place on the same day.

(Super Efficiency Powers Activate!)

4. Then ask for that day off from work. Or make plague type coughing noises the day before.

5. Go to my ten year high school reunion on the 10th.

6. Be really snarky with my best friends in regards to all the lame beautiful successful people so as to not feel so down on myself.

7. Buy shiny sparkly dress that makes me look purty! Score!

8. Buy shoes to go with Shiny Sparkly Purty dress.

* They be ugly, but oh well!

9. Oh, and a new bra because Shiny Sparkly dress is really low cut.

(Damn this is getting expensive.)

* Check!

10. Catch up on homework.

11. Catch up on bills.

12. Meet a couple "strangers" I've become friends with while playing an online game that consumes so much of my time.

(This will be a first. I'm predicting it to be weird, nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time.)

13. Hang out with them at the game's fan festival / convention thingy from the 15th through the 17th.

(Another first! Hopefully the HB can still buy tickets. I want someone to hold my hand :) I'm going to feel so out of place there.)

14. Figure out where I'm eating turkey on Happy Turkey day.

15. Write the next great American novel. AKA Participate in NaNoWriMo.

(Words so far: 0 hehehe great start!)

16. Post the damn ant story already so it stops nagging at me.

(I added this to the list mainly so I could cross it off and make it look like I'm accomplishing stuff. 'cause I'm awesome like that.)

* Edited 11/9/07 @ 11:15 a.m. real quick like while I kill the last 15 minutes of my half work day :)