Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

All right, time for some updates. Didn’t post sooner because 1) I was busy with the end of the school quarter and making sure I wasn’t a spaz who didn’t enroll for the next quarter (Enrolled: check! Fees paid: check! Fall quarter successfully completed: check check check!) and 2) I got lazy because… well, I’m me.

So here it is, final updates from November’s (holy shnikes its almost January) To Do List:

The Reunion


My 10 year high school reunion was the lamest thing in all of lamesville. Seriously folks, it was a waste of time. A waste of money. A waste of thought and energy. It wasn’t worth attending in the slightest.


The hour or so me and my three best girlfriends and the HB spent at the Denny’s afterward was priceless. It redeemed the whole night for me, as only the power of laughter can. It was why I wanted the HB to go with me that night; not to meet my girlfriends (which he has) but to know more about them. About what makes them funny and beautiful women. And why I love them so.

I see them occasionally so going to the reunion wasn’t about seeing them. But the evening started and ended with them and in the end I’m glad they bugged me into going.

Fan Festival

Loved it.

I thought I’d be out of my element there. And I was a little bit, but nowhere near the degree to which I expected. The HB and one of his sisters were there as well as two friends we’ve made from playing this online video game. Those two were a blast to hang out with.

I spent the weekend surrounded by gamer geeks and it was a lot of fun. Now, I’m more of a dork than geek/nerd. Another friend from the game found my picture last night (more on that later... maybe... :) and said I didn't look nerdy enough to be a gamer chick. I couldn't tell if he was serious or just being nice. If I don't look it, its still deep in my soul. :)

I'm proud to say I'm a dork/geek/whatever. I don't mind owning up to it. But I still rarely talk about video games in front of non-video game players. So on that Thursday night while we stood in line to pick up our badges for the event that started on Friday we talked a lot of shop. What else are you going to do for two hours in a long ass line? Everyone else had the same idea. I was constantly hearing people talk about the game. Honestly, it felt weird for a couple of minutes. It's one thing to talk about it with a small group of friends somewhere. It's another to talk about it in a large crowd. At first I was all, What are you doing? Shush! You sound like a big dork! Then I realized we were all in good company, all in the same situation really, and it wasn't weird anymore.

Until all the gamer geeks started staring at my chest.

(To read my character name on my entry badge)

(And yeah, probably to stare at my big boobies too. Two for one and all that jazz.)

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