Thursday, January 10, 2008


I know the last post was all about dreams, but I have another one to share. It's too... weird not to. Promise I'll post something non-dreamy next time.

Okay, so... I'm on a ship, like an old-school pirate ship.

And a cat is telling me where to step because some of the floor boards are loose and he doesn't want me to fall through.

This is what the helpful kitty looked like.


Only he was orange.

So this cat is standing on its hind legs, over by the side of the ship, and he's telling me move that way one step, move forward two steps, etc. Like a puzzle.

Then the cat doesn't say anything.

And I decide to continue on my own.

As I start to step backwards I hear the cat yell "nooooooooooooo!" so I stop and look behind me. I see the cat holding onto something that is sticking up out of the suddenly-appeared-hole in the deck that's right behind me. And that something is a leg.

It looked like this:

(This is what happens when I have little sleep. And am at work a lot
later in the day than I'm used to due to a new work/school schedule.)

Where did the leg came from? Only the dream gods know.

I was about to contemplate the sudden existence of the leg when a dragon flew along and in one quick motion chomped down on the body that was connected to that leg, the body that was suddenly hanging down below the ship, which was now a floating ship in the sky without a bottom, completely exposing things underneath the deck to such big-ass predators as dragons.

Before I had time to think, "What the fu-" my alarm blasted.

At 4:00am :(

So that happened.

And frankly, the rest of the day has paled in comparison.

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