Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i can't think of a relevant title for this post because i'm hungry & mr. greedy next to me is eating something yummy smelling & i can't think straight

I'm working new hours now. The BossMan wants extended coverage so that some whiney babies at work have less to whine about. So I'm coming in an hour and a half later than usual. And it sucks. I think he might want me to come in at 8, and work until 4:30, but I'm working under the assumption I can work 7:30 to 4, and will continue to do so until he tells me otherwise. Because while traffic is a bitch at 4, it's a mega bitch just a half hour later.

*crosses fingers that boss doesn't tell otherwise*

Sure, the new hours means I get to sleep in more, but I liked waking up early! Sort of. At least the payoff was well worth it.

Leaving work earlier than most people = less traffic and more time to do things before the evening sets in = fabulousness!

When I first started working here, over 4 years ago, I started at 7 am. A couple months later, when I started going to school, I started coming in at 6am. Even after I stopped going to school I still came in at 6am because I liked the hours. So for the last couple years I've been driving to work in the dark. When daylight savings went into effect (or out of effect) each year, I'd be driving to work as the sun rose, so everything was half lighted.

But now with this new schedule I'm driving in to work at 7 am. And with the time change it more like 8am. And holy cow it's so freaking bright outside at 8 in the morning! I knew this, or course, it's just that the scenery I'm used to has suddenly changed and I was a little mesmerized by it.

I can't remember the last time I drove into work when it was so light outside. Well, besides yesterday. It's a weird feeling - a feeling like I'm late for work. The sun is out in full force; I should be at my desk! Locked away inside and staring out at the bright sunny day, not out and about driving!

So the drive to work today (and yesterday) was a little surreal. But I liked it. I like driving when it's nice and sunny out. With a chilly breeze blowing outside. Makes me want to roll the window down and cruise around aimlessly. :)

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