Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tragedies and Epiphanies: A Belated Day 2 Update of the Adventures of Loon in NaNoWriMo Land

i didn't write anything yesterday. nada. zippo. zilchinsky.

i went and voted and was flying high off of that. then i went to the bank and depostited money so i can pay rent. putting money in the bank always blows a friendly breeze up my skirt so i was in a right jolly mood by the time i got home.

even despite the fact that all day i'd been fretting over my NaNoWriMo story. after thinking about it i realized it was too much of an infant, still a little too preemy for me to play with. see, what i need to do with the story is pull some hard core back yard world wrestling federation moves on it, and the story idea just isn't developed enough for that kind of play. so i started doubting everything and got a severe case of writer's block. blah.

and then i turned on the tv and watched some news and some election updates and the thought of bush in charge for another four years was just too damn depressing for me. that and the fact that all those states passed stupid anti-gay marriage laws killed the earlier high i was on and brought back the sucky thoughts of my sucky story. i thought about writing about something else, but nothing of use came to mind.

the funk i was in for the rest of the night was quite funky indeed.

but then the morning came. and i realized that it doesn't matter if the story idea sucks. i just need to roll with it and see where it takes me, whether it be to Awesome Town or Sucksville. i was ready and raring to continue on this story path, but still, in the back of my mind, i was entertaining the thought of changing stories. only marginally entertaining, but still, the thought was there.

so i'm sitting here at my work desk when all of a sudden... WHAMMO! an awesome snippet of an idea popped into my head. yesterday, while in the funk and trying to think of a new novel topic, i was trying to decide what story i had in my to tell. what did i want to write about. what genre, what style, yadda yadda yadda. i wasn't in the mood to talk back to myself so i never got an answer. but this new idea of mine, its so perfect. its a combo of two things i want to write stories about. its just so... so... awesome. :)

so i'm kind of excited about this new story i'm going to be writing. i have no idea what's going to happen, or quite what the world(s) and characters are going to be like, but it doesn't matter. because i'm looking forward to finding all this stuff out! i've already scribbled two pages worth of notes. and i might even be able to use some of what i wrote the other day. woohoo!

i'm a little behind, but its only day three, and i feel a huge writing spurt in my future. hopefully that's not just the rumbly in my tumbly i'm feeling. :)

think i'll go take a coffee break and write a little.

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