Monday, November 01, 2004

The Adventures of Loon in NaNoWriMo Land: Day 1

It's the end of Day 1 of NaNoWriMo. At least it is for me. My brain is tired and fuzzy and while sometimes that's prime time for the silly muse to make her appearance and write sublime wackiness, tonight my brain isn't going to be host to anything. Muse or interesting thought or location of lucky underwear. Yes, that's right. I typed lucky underwear. There's a pair of lucky undies hiding somewhere in my apartment that, when I wear them, magical things happen. Lucky magical things. Like I win lotto scratchers. And I avoid major traffic accidents on highways cause by nasty evil Santa Ana winds tipping over trucks that really ruin my morning (which happened this morning... because I was sans lucky undies)

And... well... actually I have no lucky undies. Dammit. Otherwise I'd wear them all the time and do nothing but play lotto scratchers. And I'd be known as that Crazy Lady Who Wears Her Underwear On Her Head and Hangs Out In The Quicky Mart All Day. And yes, you have to wear the undies on your head. That's the only way the magic works. Don't ask me why, I don't make the rules.

I didn't write much today. Only a little over a thousand words. And most of that was at work, written on the backs of miscellaneous paper work I was going to throw away in the Save A Tree Recycle Bin. Since I only came up with the idea for my 'novel' this morning around 10 am or so, I think I got off to a pretty good start.

I was so stressing there for the last couple of days. Couldn't decide what I was going to write about. Kept going back and forth, back and forth between about 4 different ideas. Then today, during a coffee break, I was going over the different ideas in my head, and suddenly my brain took a left turn and drove on to New Idea-ville. The new story idea is sort of a make up of several other ideas I had jotted down in my handy dandy little notebook. They were floating around in my head and took the threat of a mild panic attack on my part to coalesce into something usable. I wasn't close to a panic attack, but I threatened the muse with one if she didn't come through for me anytime soon. And it worked. Go figure.

After that first jolt of 'hey, this idea could work!' I've had other bits of inspiration, writing them down in scribbles at work and then typing them up here at home. And now my brain is shut down for business. The Do Not Disturb sign is hanging on the door and a wake up call has been placed with the front desk.

G'night brain. G'night lame-o NaNoWriMo story. G'night blog. G'night to anyone who reads this when g'night still applies. G'night John Boy. G'night Mighty Muse Midge. Sleep tight.

- Hours spent scribbling ideas down at work: off and on while playing Paper Work Dodgeball
- Hours spent converting scribbles to computer typed words: .75
- Words typed for NaNoWriMo novel: 1158
- Words typed in blog entry that can’t be counted towards novel count darn it!: 549
- Mental status: cloudy with a slight chance of rain

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