Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Let the therapy begin...

I wrote the following a couple of months ago as a way to relieve stress. I had nothing to hit, nothing to throw of any substantial substance, and no zen garden to tend to. So I typed. Great therapy, this typing thing is. Venting out loud also works but I don't believe I had an ear to bend under the weight of my annoyance. So I typed and ranted and relieved myself over the page.

Hmmm... that sounds kind of gross.

Anywho. This is what I wrote.

I got an email just a bit ago from someone who orders stuff in our system. The email said: "Please mark this PO as received."

I don't know how many times I've explained this to the chick, but I can't receive PO's. I order stuff so its kind of a conflict of interest. The Guy Who Receives Things receives them. That's why he's called The Guy Who Receives Things. Why is this so hard to understand?

He gets the paper work that says X amount of X item from X vendor on X order has been dropped off. Then he goes on the computer and updates the order in the system. Just because she says its here isn't good enough. Great! Its here! Good to know! But how much of its here? Just because she ordered 500 of whatever doesn't mean they shipped 500 of whatever. Sometimes they ship 510. Or 487. It varies. (Which may seem stupid, I know, but they charge us for the overall weight of the item and not the individual pieces.)

Which I've told her several times now. How many more times do I have to say it???

She says she knows the item is here because her inventory is bigger. Great. But by how much? We can't just receive the order and fix the quantity later. It's a pain in the ass. Does she know how much they shipped? No? Then we have to call the vendor or wait for the paper work. The Guy Who Receives Things should have the paperwork, but the guys in her department squirrel the paper away for rainy days. Maybe for when they run out of tp and need something to wipe their asses with. Who knows.

The other day she sent me an email asking me to "update" the order. Which I can't do. Instead of explaining it again, since in-your-face-rationalization doesn't work for her, I tried subtlety. I replied to her email, and copied Guy Who Receives Things and asked if he had the paper work yet for the item. In doing so I'd hoped that she'd realize, 'Ooooooh yeah. If I want an ordered updated in the system I should ask the guy who *&#@ing updates the *&#^%ing system.'

But alas, she's still sending me emails asking me to receive orders. Bah!

So yeah. I work with morons.

I got a similar email this morning. Different Order Placer Girl, same department. And she too knows, maybe more than the other girl, that The Guy Who Receives Things is the guy that receives orders in the system. That's his job. And yet today she sends ME an email telling ME an order needs to be received.

I really wanted to respond with, "And I'm supposed to do what exactly? I personally can't friggin receive the order so it must not be that? Hmmm... Where you just letting me know so I didn't worry about the status of an order I had no idea existed? Gee golly thanks."

But I didn't. I Replied to All and CC'd the Guy Who Receives Things and said, 'hey, apparently there's an order for you to receive and apparently know one knows your name or knows your job and they're afraid to make contact with you via email lest they catch some nasty Receiver Guy Germs so receive please!'

It's a silly thing to be annoyed by and if this is the worst of my day I am very fortunate indeed. I know this. And yet it still gets to me. So I vent, vocally and in print, and then I get some damn prospective and get the hell over it. Hopefully.

Damn morons.


  1. I don't know; it doesn't seem all that silly to me! It's the "minor" (haha) stupidities that aggravate me the most, too. Especially when people insist on staying stupid after being corrected!

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  3. Haha! I am such a novice! You can just call me POT R.A.O.S.T.

    You no compare to ME!

  4. seren, thank you! i seem to work with a lot of people who are comfy in their wrongness.

    le sigh.

    and jack: double crick here... *slap*