Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Note To Self:

Think twice, and then a third time for good measure, before refering to the reading glasses of a much older person as "Geezer Goggles".

Mr. Desk Neighbor, who is almost twice my age, didn't find the phrase "Geezer Goggles" quite as giggle-worthy as I did a moment ago.

I'm getting kind of slappy-happy, so non-giggle-worthy things are making me giggle. Which has been happening more frequently here at work over the last couple of weeks. It's like some built in defense mechanism. Because you see...

too much Evil Paper Work
leads to
extended period of Staring At Computer
Computer Monitor = Death Ray Expelling Radiation Machine

example: Radiation Death Rays ---> ---> ---> Poor Innocent Eyeballs

which triggers Slap Happy Giggle Fest
somewhere in the central brain mechanism
which saves me from
Massive Brain Damage and Poor Innocent Eyeball Fatigue

Thank goodness for Giggle Defense Mechanisms. :)

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