Friday, July 16, 2004

The Importance of Being Loony

we're getting a new plant manager here at work. a new big head cheese honcho. this news has us all in a tizzy.
well, not really. i just really like typing that word. tizzy tizzy tizzy. gives the pinkie finger some exercise. and as my granpappy always used to say to me, "loon, make sure you keep those pinkies in shape. never know when you might need them. egg toss championships, mugger eyeball gouging, underwater basket weaving. BE PREPARED!"
i am granpappy. i am prepared!
tizzy tizzy tizzy
(just exercising my anti-mugger weapon. and playing with the new blogger interface. i can add colors from the tool bar now! knee-toe!)
so anyways... this new manager. turns out she has an interesting name.
a guy came into the office last week and started talking about something - i'm not sure what it was,  i really wasn't paying much attention to him. then he started talking about the new manager. and he says, in a way that really irked me, 'know what her name is?' it irked me because his tone of voice implied that there was something really funny about her name. so i'm thinking it was going to be a very girly name, and that he was finding it funny because we were get a 'female' manager. and a 'girly' one at that.
neither me or my desk neighbor responded to his question, but the guy answers anyway. "Veronica," he says, still with that same tone of voice.
he wanted to tell the rest of it, so i gave him an opening. and i say, "so? what's the big deal?"
and the guy says, "her last name is Spitsack."
oh my.
what an awful name. i'm not sure how she spells it. maybe its something like Spitzak. or something. sounds like 'spit sack' though. and some, if not all of the guys around here find that really funny.
"yeah. her name is Spitsack," they say with a smile. some probably even giggle little boy giggles when there's no girls within hearing distance.
if that was my last name i'd change it. 'sorry dad, i'm legally changing my name.' or 'sorry honey, i know its a proud and honorary family tradition to pass down the Spitsack name, but if we get married i'm keeping my maiden name.'
hmm... i wonder when Spitsack's getting here...
puppy puppy puppy
(got to exercise the other pinkie finger, ya know!)

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