Friday, July 30, 2004

One more thing...

I really should get back to work. We've got ourselves a temp/intern and she's run out of things to do. And I've run out of things to have her do. Eek! I wonder what's more boring, the boring repetitive eye-gouging-inducing, data perusing and collecting I'm having her do, or the sitting and staring in between the tasks I give her. I've told her she can play games or surf the web while she waits. Its really no big deal since she really has nothing she should be doing instead. But she's not doing it! What's wrong with her? I know she's not against such things. She's played solitaire earlier this week!

Oh well. Must find something for her to do while I'm busing playing solitaire and surfing the web. I'm not really. Don't have the time. Just have barely enough time to type up meaningless blog posts. Yay!

So here goes...

While I should be saving my money in this dire financial time of mine I went out and bought a new cell phone. But I had to. Really I did. The HB needs one while he job hunts, so he can take calls and setting up interviews while running around everywhere handing out resumes and flashing his killer smile at all the receptionist ladies so they put his resume at the top of the stack. I've never been with him on a resume-handing-out run, so I'm not sure about the whole killer smile flashing, but when I picture it I picture the flashing. (And now I'm picturing a different kind of flashing. 'Here's my resume!')


The HB had a cell phone, but canceled the service when the company he no longer works for (see previous post if you're joining the party late) gave him a company phone. (A phone that was so cheap and old the battery wouldn't stay charged for the entire work day, which was way inconvenient.) Needless to say they didn't let him keep the phone when they let him go, so he is now cell phone-less. For the HB this is a major EEK!

To make a long blog post short, I wanted a new cell phone deal, a sort of pay-as-you-go deal, but I still had three months left on my old contract. And to get with the new plan I had to get a new cell phone. So I gave the HB my old phone to use for the next three months (hopefully he won't need it for that long *crosses fingers, toes, etc*) while I start using a new cell phone and plan deal thingy. So it all makes sense. Very logical. Practical. Full of makes-sense-ical.

And it's a great excuse to buy a new phone. It hurt, really hurt, to shell out money for a new phone. Money that could have gone to chipping away at the credit card debt, i.e. the Black Money Hole of Doom. So while I was feeling the pain, I reminded myself that in the long run I'll be saving money. It'll pay for itself in no time. Plus, now I have a KICK ASS PHONE!!! Seriously. It is sweeeeeeeeet. And small and a hundred times lighter than my old clunker. I'm in love with my new phone. Its not a camera phone, which I would have LOVED to have bought. But I nearly passed on the $70 dollar phone. There was no way I could have talked myself into the $250+ phone.

Not that there was much talking into needed. The HB looked at me and said something like, "Come on. You know you want to buy it." That's about all the convincing I needed. I'm so easy sometimes. Especially when its about a cool new phone!

Because my last cell phone had lost its flavor. The umpff that made me spend so much money on it when it was the 'new thing'. But I wasn't feeling it anymore. I mean I was, because it was really heavy compared to some cell phones out there, but I wasn't feeling it. It no longer complimented my aura. So it was time for a change. Because when its time to change you've got to rearrange. Isn't that something The Brady's sang about? Anyways, bottom line is I'm in love with an inanimate object. One that vibrates when someone wants to talk to me. And plays a Cool ring tone. And has games in images and stuff in color. Color! For the love of all things digital and shiny my cell phone has color! And I can access the internet and check my email and do all kinds of super spiffy stuff. And it's a flip phone. A real flip phone! I've wanted one of those ever since I saw Mulder and Scully had flip phones. Sure, my flippy phone looks nothing like their flippy phones looked like, but it doesn't matter. It still makes Pretend to Be Scully Play Time easier. And more fun.

And this short post is no longer short. It's the cell phones fault. It's just soooooooooooooo cool. And... no. I must stop here. And find work for the temp my assistant. (Sounds spiffy, eh?) I don't even have time to spell check this. Oh well... :)

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