Monday, July 12, 2004

The Confessional (i.e. The Update)

bless me blog readers for i have slacked. it has been almost three weeks since my last blog post.

eek! but for a good reason, of course. 'good' because i deem it so. and since i am ruler of all that is r.a.o.s.t.-ery here... if i deem it, it be it. (catchy, eh?)

the short answer: my job is kicking my ass.

which is a tall order to fill since this ass 'o mine is so huge. i guess that makes it a good ass to have. since there's lots of it to kick. lots of buffer between me and the kickers. yeah, i'll just keep telling myself that. my ass may be huge, but its all right, because its serving a higher purpose.

er. um. yeah, anyways...

this guy at work went out on medical leave for a month or two. so i's been busy doing some of his work. which wasn't too bad. but then some process improvement team came in and said, 'all this data stuff is a mess and we need to clean it up for this big project we're doing through the head office and oh by the way we need it done now now now.' but they said it in a more geek-a-fied way. since i'm the adminitrator for this data stuff i'm stuck with a lot of the clean up. go me!

so things have been REALLY busy at work - which is when, back in the good ol' days (i.e. before three weeks ago), i did a lot of my blog writing. its been not-so-busy at home, but after staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours at work, when i get home i don't even want to look at the computer. which is sad. because i miss my computer. and i miss writing on it. and blog posting. and blog reading. and all that other stuff.

as a personal little new blogyear's resolution (since my blog-o-versary was this last saturday) i'm going to try and start posting regularly again. at least once a day. because i've been slacking in my writing and i want to remedy that. and writing blog posts is a good way to get the Loony Writing Mojo Machine Of Doom up and running again. (catchy, eh?) i'm writing in my head, but its not the same as actually typing out the words, or letting them drip from the tip of a pen or pencil. and when i actually set aside time to sit and do nothing but write its so refreshing. so why don't i do it more often? work is zapping the creative juices from my brain. bastards.

and now that i've taken a really long 'coffee' break, i've got to go back to slaving away for The Man. yippee!

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