Friday, January 21, 2005

Because I'm on a very important exploration of self today (ie its Friday and I'm avoiding work)

Your Icecream Flavour is...Neopolitan!
You aren't satisfied with just one flavor. They say variety is the spice of life and this shines through in your Ice cream of choice! Just don't eat all the chocolate and leave the strawberry and vanilla behind!
What is your Icecream Flavour?

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Icky ick! I hate strawberry ice cream. I hate pretty much everything strawberry flavored, except for strawberries themselves (which I love, go figure).

It's just that anything artificially strawberry flavored is too sweet. Too non-strawberry. Too bleagh. Strawberry ice cream, strawberry gum, strawberry lollipops, it all taste gross to me.

So I will be eating all the chocolate, and all the vanilla, and leaving the icky strawberry ice cream behind. Doesn't matter though, because I'll still be plenty spicy with variety. And I could stand to loose a few pounds. Strawberry is the heaviest of the ice creams, isn't it? What with all those strawberry chunks in it? So yeah, I'll just pass on the chunky part thank you very much and gobble up the other too.

Now here I am, all in the mood for some ice cream, and trying not to think about the Cold Stone Creamery that's just a few minutes drive away. Evil thoughts!


  1. i'm neopolitan as well, however i like the strawberry bits. so you can have my vanilla, and i will eat your strawberry.

    that sounded naughty.

    i have serious issues with this quiz. i do not like any of the tv shows listed. although, king of the hill is fine, i wouldn't say i watched it on a regular basis. also, my favorite beverage was not in the list. i don't think that quiz captured the true essence of my personality. maybe the only answer is neopoltan.

  2. the quiz didn't capture my true essence either. the questions should have had the option to choose 'none of the above'.

    then maybe those answers would have resulted in something like, 'you're chocolate chip cookie dough. you are confused. make up you're mind. are you ice cream or uncooked cookie?!'