Monday, January 24, 2005

I came. I saw. I wet my pants.

I came into work this morning with a cup of starbuck's coffee (that tried to kill me in the car - death by scalding - had nothing to do with how uncoordinated I am - honest) and a piece of crumbly coffee cake. Yum.

As I sat down at my desk with my breakfast this Old Crabby Guy tries to give me a bad time (like he always does) and says, "Look at her, bringin' in brefas (de-ebonic-fied: breakfast) for herself and not thinkin' 'bout the rest of us."

And I said, still wet in the pants from having just barely staved off an attack from the conspiring killer coffee cup and lid, "Oh, I thought about you guys. And the thought of eating this in front of y'all and not sharing even one little crumb gave me the warmest of fuzzy feelings."

What can I say, I get kinda cranky when my pants are wet. :)

But I said it with a smile. A smile so bright that if I was in an Orbitz commercial you would have heard the ding of my bright shiny teeth a mile away. And that's all that matters, especially in this office.

"I see how ya is," Old Crabby Guy says, sounding crabby but smiling just the same.

Then he went to go crab to someone else and I went into the bathroom to try and de-coffee my pants. And such was the beginnings of this wonderful day.

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