Monday, June 21, 2004

i woke up and found myself in the mother second-cousin-twice-removed of all grumpy moods this morning. which sucks out loud.

i was tired and grumpy and dreaming longingly of the soonest possible moment i could take a nap. and i'd only been awake for a half an hour.

not a good sign.

then i got to work, and was snappy at my Desk Neighbor. which is okay, because we're snappy at each other at times. its this shtick we've got going. its fun. though i think i was a bit too snappish too soon. oops.

note to self: don't bite officemate's head off verbally so early in the morning. let him finish first cup of coffee first.

me? i don't need no stinkin' coffee! does nothing for me really. except help wash down the donut if i so happen to be in the mood for one. and whenever i'm in the mood for a donut, i have no money or no time to get one. which works out perfectly i guess. 'cause me? i don't need no stinkin' donut!

but yeah, i'm not a 'got to have that morning coffee or i'll die and so will everyone around me who tries to talk to me' kinda gal. i like coffee. especially the fancy coffee my mom made for me over the weekend. mmm mmm good. but its not something i NEED to have every morning.

for me, the best part of waking up is finding the HB with a serving tray covered in yummy breakfast stuffs. which never happens coincidentally. maybe because we have no serving tray. maybe that's why the HB isn't motivated to get out of bed and cook me breakfast while i enjoy blissful snuggly warm blankets. maybe i'll just have to buy him one for xmas. try and give him a hint.

er... wait. if i did that, he'd probably expect me to cook him breakfast and serve it to him on his serving tray. pffffffft! i can cross that off the list then.

so i'm in this grumpy mood at work and guess what? Mr. BigBossMan walks in with a cake. Says its for the fathers who worked here yesterday. (we're a 7-day-a-week place so a lot of daddies were working here yesterday).

The guys in the office are nice and shared with me. Shared a big ol' piece actually. for some reason I wasn't really in the mood for cake. I was grumpy and just wanted to grunt and glare at anyone trying to be nice. But they placed the piece of cake on my desk and didn't leave me any room to say another 'no thanks'.

why i tried to turn down chocolate cake for breakfast i have no idea. i blame it on insufficient sleepy time. i also blame the creeping (and i do mean creeping) suspicion that i think i'm wearing my underwear backwards on insufficient sleepy time as well.

note to self: must go to ladies room and check before weird product movement commences.

yeah, so the chocolate cake was sublimely yummy. truly. i'm glad that slice was forced upon me. (as if i wouldn't have caved a minute later.)

nice moist chocolate cake. soft chocolate whipped cream frosting on the sides. yummy creamy vanilla-y pudding like stuff between layers of cake. supreme divine-ness. except for the strawberry topping.

now, i love chocolate. and i love strawberries. but the two together? gag me with a spork!

strawberries and chocolate just don't mix. i'm more of a strawberries and whipped cream kind of gal. :)

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