Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's time for P.A.O.T.D.!

and i don't mean Pansy Alpha Otter Tap Dancers.

disapointed, eh? sorry 'bout that. but wait, it's not all that bad! because its actually time for the...

Pointless Announcement Of The Day

[ insert clapping and cheering and hootin' and hollerin' here]

so, you ready for it?

are you sure?

its not something to take lightly, mind you.

my uncle arnold thought he was ready for the P.A.O.T.D.

"i told you i was ready dammit. means i'm ready!" he said to my aunt bunny one day during the summer of '87. "just tell me already."

so she did. and the announcement that she was taking down all of her Jon Bon Jovi posters was a hearty shock to arnold's poor heart. shocked his socks right off actually.

and boy, was that an ugly sight. that uncle arnold of mine had hideous looking ankles. hideous.

so anyway, you all braced for pointless announcements now?

good. here goes... the Pointless Announcement of the Day is...

i cross my eyes. but hardly ever dot my tees.

tee hee.

get it? 'dot your i's and cross your t's.' but i mixed it up and made it funny.

i swear, i thought that was really funny in my head as i was thinking it. and just as funny as i said it out loud. but then Mr. Desk Neighbor didn't laugh. he's supposed to laugh at that kind of stuff. i mean, i laugh at his funny/stupid stuff! so i thought about it, and realized its really not all that funny. bummer, that.

while i was contemplating the funny, i realized i really need to take a break. a coffee break. kit kat break. something break. anything break. because this system i'm dealing with here at work is keeping me hell-a busy. and driving me hell-a crazy. [evidence: see above] work is frying the brain beans. and my brain is a strictly no fried bean zone!

you see, i'm the system administrator guru goddess supreme of this software thingy we use. and we're trying to give it a major overhaul/information wedgy. which means i'm the Major Wedger. heh.

i wonder if that will fit on a business card...

  Ms. Loon

   System Administrator Guru Goddess Supreme
   & Facility Information Wedgy Giver

now, while this probably isn't worth the time and effort to read, it was so totally worth the time and effort to write. now i'm ready to go back into the trenches. the Wedgy Trenches. sounds rough. and uncomfortable. and it is.

but on the plus side, Mr. Desk Neighbor just said that i was "the bomb... and the fuse." so that's like a super sized comment. woo! go me!

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