Tuesday, June 01, 2004

guess what...

... its friggin June already!

Just thought I'd mention it. You know, in case you didn't know.

Because, like, it totally doesn't feel like its June.

Unless we're talking temperature-wise. Because damn its hot out there. Bleagh.

I wonder if there's anything I can sacrifice to the Car A/C gods in praise of the working air conditioner in my car. A small daisy perhaps. Or a misguided ant. Oh I know! I'll get... A SHRUBBERY!


Today's To Do List:
1. Be Awesome
2. get through work without as much sanity as possible
3. call stupid phone company, be put on hold for hour, and still not have problem solved
4. Laundry (so's i not stuck wearing Only Wear In Case of Emergency Undies 'cause they only clean pair left)
5. watch Yu-Gi-Oh! with the HB, thanks to my new spiffy tivo (!!!)
6. work out choreography to naked tap dancing routine
7. Drink excessive amounts of caffiene

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