Monday, October 04, 2004

He promised me the moon and the stars. All I got was the moon.

Well, I've almost finished crossing of items from Saturday's To Do List. :) Any thing left will just have to hold it's horses until tomorrow - or next weekend - depending on how antsy the 'horses' get in the next few days.

Did do any cleaning on Sunday. Yay! The HB didn't even bring it up. I think he conveniently forgot he'd mentioned it. Fine by me! I mean, there are no flies flying around piles of garbage stuffed into corners and crevices. The weird looking mold is no longer hanging out in the bathtub because the HB already tackled that one a few days ago. And there's no awful smell to worry about (my sinuses are stuffed up, but I'm pretty sure there's no smell... i mean, the neighbor's aren't complaining yet). And... Hell, I'm such the 'guy' in this relationship when it comes to cleaning. With the HB being such a 'girl'. Heh heh. Aren't the guys supposed to be the slobs and the gals supposed to be the ones nagging about the mess?

We did do a bit of cleaning on Sunday though. Just not in the apartment. We took our cars to a little self-serve car wash last night. And the HB, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, offered to scrub my extra dirty car for me. *sigh* Isn't he dreamy?

And he did it all while wearing a pair of shorts that no longer fit him. He's lost weight, and the shorts haven't, so while he was busy scrubbing away his shorts started sliding down. And since he was going commando I got mooned a few times. :) After about the third moon (hey, I was enjoying the view) I said, "Um, Hun, you might want to be careful. You just mooned the minivan that drove by." And the HB just wiggled his butt and kept on scrubbing. A wonderful topper to the weekend if I do say so myself. :)

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