Saturday, October 02, 2004

What I Did Last Weekend Report

Okay, so here's how I spent my time last weekend. Friday after work the HB and I went shopping because:

going to new place to hear rock bands = good excuse to buy new outfit

Among all the 'stuff I can't afford to buy but bought anyway because I really need the new clothes' I bought a new pair of jeans and this black top with these thin little straps that I don't think I'll ever wear out in the middle of the day because I wouldn't want to subject the people around me to the sight of my bare arms. Eek! But it worked for the concert, which was at night in a little club where the only lights were at the bar and on the stage. Especially with the Super Bra I bought. Yowza!

So anyways, Saturday got off to a nice, lazy start with me and the HB sleeping in. Then I got bit by the Nice Girlfriend bug and offered to cook him breakfast while he slept in a little more. I thought I'd be super nice in case this band I was dragging him to go see really sucked. :)

We left for West Hollywood a little after noon and checked into the hotel about an hour later. I expected the hotel to be a lot nicer, especially for how much it cost to stay there for a night. But I guess I was paying for the name and the location (Sunset Blvd) more than what it looked like inside. It was okay, but not spiffy like I expected.

For lunch, the HB and I went for a walk down Sunset Blvd until we found something that sounded good. That something ended up being a little Mexican food place. We ate outside and as long as the breeze was blowing it was really nice out. We were about ready to go when our first celebrity sighting happened.

This guy sat down at the table across from us and the HB whispers to me, "Doesn't he look familiar?"

I looked at the guy from the back and suggested, "That guy in that trailer for that movie we saw the other day?" The HB shakes his head and looks thoughtful. I look at the guy again from the side and think, "Oh, he looks like..." I thought about it for a second, then the HB and I looked at each other and whispered, "S.W.A.T.!"

Right across from us was the bad guy from the movie S.W.A.T.!

I wasn't quite sure at first. I mean, it looked just like him, but maybe I just wanted it to look like him, you know? Because 'oh my god a movie star is sitting two feet away from me!' But then someone came up and started talking to him about his Aston Martin and it was so totally his voice. The HB and I walked back to the hotel with big grins on our faces. We saw a famous person! Woohoo!

Later that night we showed up at the Whiskey in the middle of one band's set. They were very young and kind of fun to watch because the HB and I kind of ragged on them a bit during their set. The lead singer spent half his time with his back to the crowd (I think he thought he had a great ass and was trying to wow the crowd with his band's best asset) while spinning his microphone around by the wire (he reminded me of a rhythmic gymnast who's always throwing and twirling her ribbon in the air) and the other half was spent lip syncing the words that the guitar player was singing in a very over the top cheesy way. Like he was feeling the words of the song so much that he couldn't help but mouth the words. Very comical.

The second band played better than the first, but were less entertaining to watch. The lead singer was into the hoarse voice/yelling kind of rock singing, but showed absolutely no emotion at all while he did it. No facial expressions. No physical exertion while singing about how evil the world is or whatever young heavy metal/alt rockers sing about. The most amusing thing about this band was that one of the guitar players had a metal chain link around his neck, connected to the guitar, instead of a normal strap. He was hardcore man!

Then finally
Shim Sham
came out and played. And they rocked. They had great songs and really knew how to perform. The HB liked them so much we listened to their CD on the way home.

We checked out of the hotel on Sunday and while we were waiting for the valet to fetch our car we saw our second celebrity. Walking right in front of us, with a bathrobe on over his clothes and a big ass fucking clock around his neck like a necklace was none other than Flavor Flav! Yeeeea Boyeeeee! The HB totally turned into a little kid when he recognized him. And if I'd had a pen on me he would have run up to Flava Flav and gotten his autograph. It was really cool to see someone up close and personal right after you'd seen him on the television the day before. Very cool.

The rest of Sunday was spent back in our neighborhood looking for a new couch. And after all that searching we ended up buying a new dresser instead. :) Do we know how to shop or what? We bought the dresser from a wood crafty furniture store and the one we wanted had to be ordered. So we don't have it yet. Which sucks, because I want to have it in my apartment and start utilizing it so I can justify it's worth to myself once and for all because I had to put it on my already crowded credit card and... *sigh*

So that was my weekend. This weekend is turning out to be a lot less eventful. Though the HB was talking some crazy talk earlier about waking up early and cleaning the apartment. Poor guy, I think having to work on a Saturday fried a few of his brain cells. I mean, I know he's anal sometimes about having things clean around the apartment, but waking up early to do it? Double eek! I'm sure I'll be able to talk him out of it tomorrow though. :)

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