Thursday, October 14, 2004

work is driving me crazy, and the bastards are doing it in run down little metro too

well, the auditeers are here. they arrived monday and this is the first break i've had to write this. well, i've had other breaks, but they've been rudely interrupted by the boss man coming in. very inconsiderate. so i've started this post a few times... and have quickly hit the little close x button a few times, which makes me look very busy. i think. either that or extremely guilty about something.

so the auditeers are here. and they aren't as scary as i thought they'd be. they're horns are hardly noticeable and the scales only cover about half of their bodies. :)

on monday morning, around 8:30, i saw the Auditeers walk up to the front door. and the idea to leave the front offices and walk all the way to the back of the building to drop something off was totally coincidental and in no way influenced by the Auditeers arrival. i swear. i had the thought a good five minutes before they were scheduled to arrive. :)

so i'm walking down the hallway when i'm accosted by this really annoying woman that thankfully doesn't work on the same floor as me. she whispers a question at me while sliding sideways glances to the front desk, where, of course, the Audit Team was checking in. She seemed frantic, and that in turn made me frantic. i swear, i was totally cool before that. not worried at all. okay, maybe a little worried, but i know we're going to suck - i've already had that realization, and so has a few other people - so now its just a matter of how bad we're going to be marked down because we suck, and how good our bullshitting skills are at how we're leaving Suckville and heading down the path to Better Town.

Annoying Lady jerked her head in the direction of my office, so we headed down the hallway so she could talk openly about the last minutes stuff she was trying to get done. turns out she needed an updated version of a report i'd sent her the week before. i told her no problem, i'd get right on it. she sprinted away, i took about a minute or so to get the report and email it to her. and i got the little email receipt showing she'd opened it a nanosecond after i'd sent it to her. and i thought to myself, 'let the games begin!'

been even more crazy around here since then. turns out the Auditeers are going to be in my department this friday, monday, and tuesday. yea! really yea, because once they're done asking me questions and digging through all our data i'll be able to breath a bit easier. and maybe actually work normal hours. *fingers crossed*

right now i should be reading over manuals. manuals that explain the different processes that we use. or should be using, actually. :) the guy that's helped us get our shit in order was prepping us on how to answer Auditeer questions. he asked us yesterday, 'when the auditor asks you what you do, what are you going to say?' and i said, with a big cheesy grin 'exactly what i'm supposed to do.' that got a chuckle, but it turns out i'm supposed to be a little more specific than that. but not by much.

for some reason i have this strong urge not to do any work right now. and that's bad. bad bad bad. *sigh* guess i'd better go be Data Cruncher Goddess for awhile.

hmm...i wonder if i can get that title printed on some business cards.

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