Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i read it in a magazine so it has to be right. right?

my breakfast this morning isn't exactly one for champions. hell, breakfast? more like brunch. it's just after 9 and i've been up for 4 hours now!

breakfast this morning consists coffee from the breakroom with a little bit of powdered creamer mixed in and couple of albino reese's peanut butter cups. yum. i'm not a big coffee fan - i don't need that first cup first thing in the morning to get me to a functional state - but i enjoy a cup every now and then. especially when i need a break. it's a handy excuse, especially when given to the coffee addicted.

me: i'll be right back. i have GOT to get me a cup of coffee... if you know what i mean. *wink wink*
java junky: ohyeahyeahiknowwhatyoumeangorightaheadcoffeegood.

i wish coffee perked me up like it does some people. i guess i'm just not drinking enough of it. hmmm... is that a new's year resolution i see?

the albino reese's peanut butter cups are actually white chocolate reese's. and boy are they yummy. i wasn't very impressed with the white chocolate kit kats, but the wc reese's are might fine specimens of choclate. though i'm not sure which i like best - regular chocolate or white chocolate reese's. i think i'll have to sample a bit more of both before the jury reaches a verdict. :)

and while it's not exactly the breakfast of champions (that is until goofing off at work turns into a competitive sport) it's not all that bad for me. see, i read in this muscle magazine that coffee actually burns fat (as long as you don't put sugar in it - creamer is fine). so the fat from the chocolate is being burned by the coffee i'm drinking!

better go grab another cup to burn off that snickers bar i had the other day. the guys at work are sucking down more and more cancer sticks (cigarrettes) as the pressure to fix practices and procedures and etc before the audit mounts. me? i think i'm becoming addicted to chocolate. and to Trips To The AM/PM mini mart. it's hell on a poor girl's wallet. not to mention hell on a not-so-thin girl's ass. :)

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