Friday, May 28, 2004


i had planned on goofing off a bit today. and writing a lot of blog posts.

because its friday.

::happy snoopy dance::

and because i've got a few blog post ideas floating around in my head, screaming to be let out of their cages. on that same note, i've also got a few story ideas screaming to be let out of their cages. hanging from the bars. going ape-shit all over the place. some people get plot bunnies. i get plot monkeys. i'm going to release those later today after work. i'm going to sit at one of the little tables at Borders and pretend to be Cool Coffee Drinking Writer Chick. i'll buy some coffee and drink it, and pull out pen and paper scribble words down, and will end up achieving four out of the five. which ain't all that bad i guess.

the other ideas, the blog post ideas, i'll have to get to some other day because i've been busy here at work. and i thought today was going to be a slack day. ::big eye roll::

Mr. BigBossMan, he calls me and asks for some info. i look it up, give him the number, and he says, "great. thanks. could you call the guy i was just talking to and give him that number because i've got to go take a two hour lunch now and can't be bothered to call back and this is a good opportunity to make you think that you're important by giving you what you should think of as an important task thereby clouding the real reason i'm making you do this. which is that i'm a dumb ass. thanks. you're awesome." that's not much of a compliment, because he tells EVERYONE they're awesome. repeatedly.

doesn't take away though from my truly supreme innate awesomeness.

while i don't have time for much office goofing, i do have time to whip up a little picture present for my bbbf, zoink. happy birthday chica! and yes, i swear there's a better present along the way. :)

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