Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hello. My name is Loon. And I'm a moron.

I'm a well balanced person. I eat vegetables for the body. And for balance I eat chocolate for the soul. I say mean things about stupid drivers on the freeway. And for balance I graciously let people cut in front of me who've been waiting a millennia to turn on to the crowded street. Sometimes I have flashes of pure brilliance. And for balance I sometimes have moments of pure boneheadedness.

Today I had a colossal moment of utter boneheadedness that will surely be marked down in the Annuls of Loon.

I'm at work today. On a Sunday. And boy does that suck. But it was my choice so I guess I can't bitch too much. I have to train a bunch people and thought 'hey, I'll come in on Sunday and train the couple of guys that work on Sunday and knock them off my list right away and I'll show the bosses that I'm super committed to doing a super job!' Plus there was the whole 'overtime pay' motivating factor.

So here I am, training people. And it's gone well.

Until now.

See, while I had a break between sessions I thought I'd be clever and do my administrator job stuff and change a couple of settings that needed changing. I haven't had time during the normal work week, but hey, its Sunday! And now I have time.

So I'm changing things and its all good in the data 'hood. Then I think to myself, 'you know self, I'd really like to change the setting for this field, see if I can make it more user friendly.' So I tried one or two things, nothing happened, so decided to leave it to the Head Data Guru Guy who's helping us prepare for the Big Scary Audit and went on my merry way. I didn't think anything I tried was that major, that it would have any effect what so ever on the system, because nothing changed. I clicked on properties, clicked on one fucking button, and when I pulled up the properties window again the button was no longer clicked. So I thought it didn't take. Something took though all right. Took my sanity along with it too.

I frelled up one of the work modules in the system. A major one. The one that I'm doing the training in. Go me!


I have no idea what I did wrong, and I can't fix it. I open up the work module and I get a mean little error message. It looks like a bunch of gobblygook: 'Error to file 2000345EE38375'.

Translation: You are a MORON! Step away from the system NOW!


I've totally screwed up my Desk Neighbor's day. He works Sundays thru Thursdays, so today's his 'Monday'. And he can't access the module he needs to do most of his work on.

*bangs head on top of desk*

So I guess that means no more training today.


I seriously want to cry. I won't, because it's really not that big deal in the whole scheme of things, so why bother really. I'll just pout instead.


I put in a call to the Head Data Guru Guy. Left a message on his voice mail. Hopefully he checks his messages before I leave today so he can help me fix it before all my training sessions tomorrow. All five of them!!!

Gah! I'm so embarrassed. I'm supposed to be the Local Guru Administrator and I'm such a bonehead.

Okay, it's 10:30 am. I'm going to carry on my little pity party somewhere else. Like at the AM/PM mini market down the street where I'll buy a 64 oz soda to drown my sorrows in.

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