Friday, September 10, 2004

Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night. I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. *

Hello to all you first time readers, strolling in from a search engine or a link or whatnot.

And a super special hello to all you frequent visitors (from the quasi frequents to the borderline stalker frequents) who keep checking back in to this dinky little blog to see if I've posted anything new.

Which I haven't in a while. My bad. Hmmm... wonder how long its been....

*looks at date of last post*


Has it really been that long??? Time sure flies by fast when your workload about doubles and your brain turns to mush. I remember the good old days when I could read blogs and write in blogs and visit fun links and play games on the internet and etc, etc, etc. All while at work!

Now my company and bosses are freaking out because of this big bad Audit Team that's coming to town. Ooh! Beware!

Translation: a lot of busy work for me. See, I work for a company that's owned by a Monster Company that has its fingers in a million different pies. And the Monster Company likes to make sure its little companies are performing at least up to par. So its been passed down the line how important this Audit is. Normally two to three people show up to Audit one of the Monster's businesses. This time? For lil' ol' us? They're sending "three to four" Audit-eers! Ooh, scary. I swear, when my boss (a new one - just in time for the Audit - oy vey!) said this in our new weekly How Much More Crap Do We Have To Clean Up Before The Audit meetings, he looked scared. Maybe it was just for our benefit. So we feel motivated to work harder. But this boss has been through one of these Audits before at a sister facility. So he should know first hand how serious this all is... eek!

So everyone's scrambling, making sure we're doing stuff right, and that we're prepared to answer any question the Audit-eers might throw at us. Fun times all around. Bleah. At least I'm able to work some overtime because overtime pay rocks the cat socks!

I know I've complained about the work situation before, but its such a big issue in my life right now. I'll be at home, trying to relax and forget that I even work during the day, and a problem will pop into my head. "Oh, I've got to remember to call So And So about Such And Such." Then I realize I'm thinking about work and smack myself in the forehead. The smacking is only a temporary fix to the over worked brain problem. Heh.

When I have had time to write or blog or whatever, the only thing in me to write about was how sucky my job is at the moment. And that just sucks. And yeah, that's what the above couple of paragraphs were about, but now I've got more than just sucky suckness to write about. I've got a happy news. Yeah!

Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things soon. Because I miss writing in my little blog. And it is sort of cathartic in a way to write it all the suckiness down. So I should spend time writing - an Exercise in Exorcising the Work Demons. Because it's for my own good dammit!


So okay, the good points before I get back to work. I wish I had more time to write about them. Maybe I'll get to them later. Maybe I'll have time on Sunday, since I sort of volunteered myself to work on Sunday to train a bunch of people and *grumble grumble bitch bitch bitch* Yeah. So anyways... :) The good stuff:

* The HB found a job! A much, much better paying job! Woo!

* I'll be writing a check next week to pay off the balance of my car loan. And it's only half of my normal monthly car payment. So after next week NO MORE CAR PAYMENTS! Woo!

These first two Happy Points make my nearly empty bank account glow with the warm fuzzies.

* Girlfriend Weekend is coming up. Not this weekend but the following weekend. Zoink is coming down to visit, and the two of us will be storming Princess AJ's castle. I am so so so so so looking forward to this. I'm only taking the Friday off for vacation (along with the weekend of course) but it will be a much needed work breather. Girlfriend Weekend! Woo!

Damn. I thought I had another Happy Point to share. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of it later. Later when I've done some work and cleared up some space in my brain. Sorry Happy Point, read the sign. No Vacancy.


Okay. Back to work. I'm setting a bad example for the intern. Unless of course I've bogged her down with so much work she can't concentrate on anything else. If that's the case then, well... oops. It'd be bad to break the intern. She's still here for another week!

*title quote provided by Homer Simpson

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