Friday, September 22, 2006

50 Word Fiction Friday Vol. 49

I must be psychic. I decided to play 50 Word Fiction Friday today without knowing Jodi had started playing again. I was stuck in a boring-ass meeting (the second of the day - woot!) when I decided to have a little fun, in the guise of taking Very Important Notes. So I wrote up a little something. The super psychic part is that my 50 word story sort of fits into her suggested topic for this week. Go me! I knew those online psychic classes would start paying off eventually.

She paced like an impatient tiger. Where was he? Had he stopped somewhere else first? Whose needs were more important than hers?

Finally, he knocked. Her insides flipped in anticipation. She open the door, threw him money, then yanked the pizza box out of his hands.

She was now complete.


  1. you are AMAZING!

    i'm excited about playing again. :)

  2. She is amazing until you realize that the goddess is full of tricks! I was in both of those meetings, too, and she look so absorbed. I thought it was the thrill of the presentation. Now I realize she was looking at me bum. Wow.

  3. i'm excited to jodi, especially when so many people come out and play too.

    jack, you're so full of it. how could you possibly notice how absorbed i looked when you were busy counting grooves in the ceiling tiles.

    nice bum by the way ;)