Friday, September 29, 2006

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the We Love Loonyville Fan Club

I found out last Friday that someone at work found my blog. Eek!

*waves to Jack*

Not that I made it too hard for him, and not that I mind or anything, its just that I kinda forgot there was a link to this place floating out there. A link that I made accessible to him. So when he told me I was a little shocked. "Huh... oh... uh... yeah, the one with the flowers, yeah, that's mine. How did you... oh, duh."

Knowing the link is there is fine (because I'd be all kinds of dumb for posting it if I didn't want anyone to click on it, and I'm only a few kinds of dumb thank you very much).

But knowing someone I know personally has now read every little stupid thing is... weird. Not bad, just... I guess just a little unsettling. At first. I mean, a couple RL friends have seen this blog but that's different. Because they've known me for years and I'm sure this is just more of the same crap they've gotten used to.

But Jack is a co-worker. A colleague. (Previously referred to in this blog as "Zack" – ain't I creative!) I know he knew I was a bit of a dork before, but I could still pretend I conveyed some sort of semblance to a professional, confident, smart worker person.

But now, as of Monday, he's read the "entire damn blog." So he now has a greater sense of the dork I truly am (and how much I used to slack off at work. Used to I say!) Just took a milli-second to adjust to that realization. Now I'm good. (I can not imagine how weird it will feel if any family ever finds this blog.)

And, out of everyone here at work he's the only one I wouldn't mind reading this.

So let this be a warning to you Jack. You'd better not tell anyone at work or I'll...


I don't know...

Set your pants on fire or something.

Yeah, something real evil.


  1. What the loon doesn't realize is that she does what I can't ever bring myself to do, which is actually write something on a blog. For that she is queen loon. Besides, when she does talk about work, it makes me smile because the evil empire is put in a light that makes it all a big more bearable! Kudos!

    And I would NEVER NEVER tell anyone at work. Even Sal. Nobody understand genius there, just mediocrity. But, silly loon, I know you're funny and see the world in a different light -- that's why I like you!

    However, I do have to think of something otherwisely evil to do besides "out" you, because it would be the most action my pants have seen in ages... hmmm....

    So keep writing and I'll shut up now!


    Zack (a.k.a. the incredible artiste)

  2. p.s. it's obvious I can't spelle to goode. I guess I still have my arte.

  3. awh shucks "zack". you're too kind. though not about the queen part. you're spot on with that one!

    and for the sake of your pants (lmao), i'll give them a free torching if you want. see, with comments like that you really need to blog. so go do it. right now. queen loon commands you!