Friday, September 29, 2006

A Pretty Picture

Co-worker Jack sent me an email this morning, saying he'd made a picture for me. The subject of the email was, in fact, "a pretty picture." Ain't he sweet? So I open up the attachment and see this:

My response: "Ummm... thank you?"

To which he replied: "You can post it on your blog and talk about me and my magnificence... about how hip and cutting edge of an artist I am."

I decided I'd better, seeing as how snappy he is today. ;)

So here goes...

Bravo Jack! You have stunned me into silence with the beauty your cutting-edged-hipster-self magnificently managed to capture in such a tiny little space of pixilated art.

There. Maybe he won't be so grouchy in today's Weekly Meeting of Repetitive Crap.


Then again, when he's grouchy and challenging everything it makes the meetings more bearable. Longer, but entertaininly bearable.

1 comment:

  1. Zack sits in awe of his magnifi-hipness...and winces to realize how flip and self-serving he sometimes is.... oh, well ain't it grand! Besides, the loon is what makes the weekly meeting of redundant crap bearable! All hail the magnificent loon!