Thursday, September 21, 2006

From the Files of The Easily Amused

Mr. Desk Neighbor is setting up employee birthdays in his calendar when the following conversation takes place.

Him: When's your birthday?

Me: Huh?

Him: September?

Me: Uh... *wonders if he's already forgotten the little office birthday cake he bought me just a couple months ago*. ... no.

Him: August?

Me: No.

Him: July?

Me: *sigh*

Him: *ponders new interrogation tactics*

Him: What's your sign?

Me: ...

Him: Airhead?

Me: *dies laughing*

Him: I mean, Aeries?

Me: *giggle* no *giggle*

Him: Hmmm. Come on, when was hades blessed with your presence? (running office joke)

Me: May, okay. May. You don't need to know the exact day, as you should be celebrating the whole month anyway.

Him: So you're a tore ass? I mean, Taurus?

Me: >.>

I swear, 15 minutes later he came over, very pleased with himself as only a grown man with a little 12 year old boy still inside his brain can be, with a list of all 12 zodiac signs and their new "names." (Sagittarius --> Flatulos // Capricorn --> Carmel corn // etc...) Thankfully, he amended Taurus to = Tore Up. Heh. I'd rather be tore up than have a torn ass anyday.


  1. HEHE... 12 year old brain. say it like it is, loon!

    BTW, ahem, ahem, ahem... thought you were going to spend the weekend migrating the loon. Methinks not. such a waste of genius. Oh well, i am a patient enabler.

  2. ok, i totally read "Carmel Corn" as "camel corn" and was all like, "whaaaa???"



  3. jack... uh...

    judy... i think i like 'camel corn' better. heheh.