Thursday, January 04, 2007

Adventures of a night owl sloth

The night before, I stayed up really late (like 1friggin30am!) and woke up around the same time as usual - well, at least as usual as its been for these last couple of "non-school" weeks. So I got a little less than 6 hours of sleep.

Fine. Okay. I dealt with it like a champ.

I was yawning by 2pm and had been wondering "is it nap time yet?" since about... oh, say, 11am. But I made it through the day without napping. Or passing out. Or zoning through most of it.

Hurray for me!

So then last night, seeing as how it was a school night (blah) I made sure I went to bed before midnight. Actual pillow contact was around 11pm. The only problem with that is I had to start waking up super early this morning to accommodate the new quarter work/school schedule (double blah).

Translation: I ended up only getting 6 hrs of sleep again.

And let me tell you something, my body is no longer conditioned to handle this kind of torture. My eyelids feel like they weigh a hundred pounds and my body feels like its wading through jell-o. Icky fruity chunky jell-o at that!

I woke up 35 minutes before I had to leave for work. 25 of those minutes disappeared in the bathroom. I know I brushed my teeth, because they feel grimy-free. I can't quite tell from my as-of-late-usually-nappy hair, but I'm pretty sure I brushed it. And maybe I peed. I just can't quite remember.

Did all of that take 25 minutes?

If not, what the hell was I doing in there?

Ooooh, deodorant! That's what... thirty seconds accounted for right there.

*sniff sniff*

Yeah, I'm deodorized.

As I was getting ready, I grabbed all of the clothes I wanted to wear today and brought them into the living room (so as to not disturb the HB - the lucky "can you change my alarm from 6 to 6:30 I feel like sleeping in some" sob - while I got ready.)

So there I am, dressing in the living room while I watch the news, because I like to pretend I'm worldly and on top of things and all grown-up and shit. I've got the essentials on and now its sock time! I grab the socks to move them closer to me... then I do something (like put my glasses on because I saw them and didn't want to forget them)... and then something else (I think I threw my cell phone in my bag so I didn't forget that either)... and then I went to put my socks on and... holy crap I can't find those gollydamn socks! Where the frell did they go!

I swear, I think I spent 5 minutes looking for those damn socks. Sure, I could have just gone and grabbed another pair, but it was the principle of the thing. I just had them in my hands! and now they'd gone and disappeared on me. I looked on the couch... under the couch... between the couch cushions... I looked in my school bag... nothing. My search radius wasn't wide because I hadn't moved more than 2 feet, and I still couldn't find the lil bastards. Socks get lost in the washing machine, sure, but this was ridiculous!

Yeah, turns out they were already on my feet.

I'd put them on and completely forgot about it.


And now that my eyes are fully awake and accustomed to bright lights I can see a big ass stain on the shirt I'm wearing. A formerly known as favorite shirt.

Mega sigh.

Is it nap time yet?

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