Thursday, January 04, 2007

Man, if I had a gourd I'd be bored right the hell out of it.

Now that the new school quarter has started up again I have to go in to work earlier and stay later on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is in order to get all 8 hours of working fun in. For some reason my company won't pay for the few hours I need to take off to go to class.

Silly company.

I like the schedule I've come up with because it means I only drive to school three days a week, which in turn means I only have to wake up early three days a week.


Now, the perfect schedule would include a sugar daddy or a dead relative from some as-of-yet-unheard-of rich branch of the family tree that endows me with large sums of money so that I can quit work and go to school at my leisure. But since that hasn't happened (yet) I'm stuck squishing my school and work schedules together.

I'm sure I'll get used to the schedule since it's exactly like the same one I had last quarter, which I quite liked. It broke up the monotony of the day, jetting off to school and back again.

But I'd just gotten used to not doing that anymore, darn it.

Because right now, if I hadn't gone to school today, I'd be home. Right now. Instead of here. Planning world domination with a friend of mine via emails. Which, sure, is a blast, but it still means I'm here. At work! When normally I'd be home.

My body instinctively knows it should be relax-at-home-time. Even if it was cooking time, which isn't very relaxing, it'd still be cooking-at-home-time. The brain thinks its time to shut down, to go into energy conservation mode. It knows it should be home watching The Daily Show or Scrubs reruns or last night's tivo'd Top Chef.

Since its not where it thinks its supposed to be, the brain is rebelling. It's down right refusing to be entertained by all these pretty invoice numbers I'm inputting into the computer.

Bored bored bored with a half hour still left to go. Why isn't there anyone here to talk to me?!



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