Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Memory Flatulencitus

One of the side effects of being tired is forgetfulness.

Sudden and Complete Memory Flatulence.

Translated into street terms: brain farts.

It all started yesterday, this tale of nothingness, as so many tales of nothingness are want to do. Yesterday, my co-workers did not approve of my music selections. I have a pretty eclectic taste so you'd think I'd be able to DJ for the masses. Only problem is, I only have a few songs saved on my computer. And while I keep meaning to bring in a bunch of different CD's... well... that's all still in the "meaning" stage of development.

So the guys didn't like the music I was playing. This was, I must say, quite baffling. How anyone could not approve of tunes from the musical Les Miserables, one of the longest running shows on Broadway, I do not know. The music is powerful. Beautiful. Inspiring. Fun. And shit, if I listen to the whole thing the whole way through I have to keep myself from crying sometimes. There's some deep moving shit in that music!

Anywhoo... as the guys complained, and talk of other musicals came up, Coworker Jack started singing "a spoonful of sugar..." He apparently only knows that one line, as that's all he felt compelled to sing, so I felt it was imperative that I bring in my Mary Poppins soundtrack CD with extreme immediacy. I offered to bring in my Singing In The Rain and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers CD's as well.

Let me tell you, those boys never giggled with so much anticipatory glee.

While I thought of all the soundtracks I could bring in, Mary Poppins was still "tip of the top" priority. Partly to exercise that spoonful song out of my head, but mainly because its just a darn fun CD. So, like I do whenever there's something important for me to remember, I took a pen and wrote myself a note. On the back of my hand. There's no way I can forget to see my hand!

So last night, I see the note, and think, "I should get up, get the CD, and put it in my bag before I forget." This thought was quickly followed up by, "Meh, I'll do it in the morning. I've still got the note on my hand!"

Another side effect of tiredness? Laziness.

But I digress...

So this morning, as I'm getting ready for work in a haze of sleepiness that defies the laws of gravity, I see the note scribbled on the back of my hand. And I think, "Remember CD! Remember CD! Remember CD! Go get it nowwwwww!!!!"

First, I finished tying my shoe.

And then I brain farted.

Pffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt.... ttt.

I'm at work, with the note still on my hand. But no CD. Waaaah.

Guess its Les Mis time again. :)

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