Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My brain is so mcfuddled I am unable to come up with a non-lame post title. Meh.

Why do I keep thinking its Wednesday?


I was off Monday, so today's my first day back at work this week, so I should be thinking its Monday. And not halfway through the week already.

Because realizing that its only Tuesday, after thinking half the week is almost over, is kind of a bummer.

Damn you mcfuddled brain!

Today is proving to be very unproductive. From me giggling over ZackJack wiggling his butt like he's a model in a fancy jeans ad (so adorably funny it was almost pee-inducing, seriously) to giggling over Mr. Desk Neighbor yelling, after a misheard radio ad: "A family whore pack!?!?!?"

I tell ya, no progress has been made.


I work with a bunch of five year olds.

And being a six year old myself isn't helping much :)

Hellooooooooooo 2007!

And hello to old readers still sticking around. And to any new readers that find they have some sticky power in them. And to the inventor of 2pm coffee and fake pink sugar and disco for inspiring more dancing from ZackJack.

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