Thursday, December 16, 2004


Trigger #106: Complete the Paragraph

If I had time to be more involved in the community I would....

... raise special companion chipmunks and then sell them (only two easy payments of just $9.99 a month!) to single child families. Because every child should have a sibling to play with, whether it's a human or a cute furry rodent. I would teach the chipmunks to play dodge ball and hopscotch and slug bug (because these companion chipmunks will be fully versed in dealing with long boring family road trips). I would teach the chipmunks how to braid hair and tell corny fart jokes. I would teach the pseudo-sibling chipmunks when to tattle, but most importantly when not to tattle, so that the Stick It To The Man bond between the siblings will grow and flourish. The chipmunks, before they graduate the program and get placed with a family, will be going door-to-door selling assorted packages of nuts to raise money for the many community needs.

If only I had the time...

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